We Upgraded To Bluehost VPS, So Was It Really Worth It?

On December 18th 2013 I decided to finally upgrade our hosting, going from Bluehost Shared Hosting (standard) to VPS (virtual private server).  I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the reasons why I decided to make the change instead of going with my initial strategy of finding another web host […]

Bluehost Web Hosting Discount: Start A WordPress Blog For $4.95

When it comes to professional WordPress hosting, Bluehost ticks all the right boxes, which is why they have been recommended by WordPress.org since 2005. Bluehost combines great customer and technical support with reliability and credibility. And talking from experience, it is for those very reasons why Bluehost continues to provide all web hosting requirements for […]

DreamHost Promo Code: $75 Discount

DreamHost is one of our top recommended web hosting for WordPress, we recently added DreamHost to our web hosting guide list, but today I want to share with you our DreamHost promo code for October 2012, but hurry as this will only last for 7 days. I currently host 1 blog on DreamHost and have […]

Widening Your Audience With A Business Website

No matter how big or small your business is it can never harm to widen your audience by creating a website. Many business owners in recent years have found that with a web presence their profits have boomed, as their business has gone from being manually driven and limited, to a 24/7 resource. Whether the […]