February 27, 2011

Website Building Tips for First Timers!


// This is a guest post by Samantha Wright from Seashell Surfpix. We are always looking for new guest bloggers to appear on our blog, so if you can write something worth reading regarding any aspects of business and internet marketing then submit your posts to blog@magnet4marketing.net So you’re thinking about getting your business online, [...]

5 Steps to a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog!

Get a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog!

// Ok a nice and simple post for those who keep asking me, how can I get a self-hosted WordPress blog? Here is the breakdown as simple as I can possibly write it. In this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how you can create your blog and host it using Blue Host. If you want [...]

12 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Website!

Business Website

// There are still so many small businesses that could benefit greatly from some online presence. So what if you’re doing well without one! Having a company website does more than just increase your business potential, it gives your company a more professional approach to being professional. Here are 12 reasons why your business needs [...]

Get Your Business Online with Moonfruit!

Build a Website with Moonfruit!

// Ever imagined what it would be like to a have a flashy professional looking company website? If so why not create it yourself! The days of technical jargon in creating a fully functional professional looking website is long gone. You can now create the best looking online company profile using easy-to-use cut and paste [...]

6 Top Search Engine Optimisation Tips

SEO Tips

// As many of our readers will be aware we use Moonfruit SiteMaker 5.0 in much of the designing of our websites. We choose to use Moonfruit because of its complete ease of use when creating slick and professional looking websites. In this post I’d like to look at (SEO) search engine optimisation specifically for [...]

Website Link Building Tips

Link Building Tips

// Link building is one of the most essential part of marketing a website for SEO as this is one of the main engines that generates improved search engine ranking and building on increasing your PR, (page ranking). There are plenty of online companies offering link building services which no doubt many are genuinely good. However [...]

Internet Term Glossary for Dummies

Internet Terminlogy

// Just starting to think about designing a website but feeling out of your depth with all these stupid internet technological terms and names? Well this blog is written just for you. I was once sat where you are right now baffled by these terms, and now have learnt the basics to want to share with [...]

How to Create a Product Page in Moonfruit


// We covered key features in creating a website for your business using Moonfruit SiteMaker 5.0 Now I’d like to show you how to create an attractive product page in Moonfruit. This post is useful for users of Moonfruit who want to create a professional looking product page for selling products online. Step One Open [...]

Optimising Website Images to Improve Search Engine Ranking

SEO for your Website's Images

// When we think about SEO we think about using keywords, creating meta tags, writing useful content, etc, however one of the most overlooked elements of search engine optimisation is optimising images for websites. Many webmasters overlook this, and often categorise it as of secondary importance. Here I would like to discuss the importance of [...]

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