Are You Driving Visitors And Customers Away with Useless, Irrelevant Pop-ups?

I just had to write this short post this week, though I should have probably written it a long time ago I’m now thinking. OK, how many times have you clicked on a search engine search result listing, only to find that the page you’re taken to takes a month of Sundays to load? (A […]

2 Key Points When Using Images As Backgrounds

A common website design element that doesn’t always work is the use of images as backgrounds. Whether it’s a shot of the local mountains or a faded image of the eCommerce store’s brick and mortar counterpart, using images as backgrounds comes with its own risks. You need to make sure that you develop your design […]

Why Web Design Matters More Than You May Realize

A sidewalk shopper, carrying numerous bags and a notion to spend money, passes by a cluster of storefronts, but only one of the stores hosts a sidewalk sign.  Noticing the bright colors along with the notion of a ‘weekend sale,’ the shopper quickly enters the front door. The anecdote relates to offline consumer behavior, but […]