Expand Your Blog Horizons by Adding a Podcast

So why should you consider adding a podcast to your blog? – In the early days following a blog launch, writers can go through a difficult period of low traffic and disappointing earnings. Publishing enough content to get a blog over the hump can be a tedious and discouraging process. Building links can be difficult, [...]

Episode Two: How To Use YouTube To Promote Your Blog [Podcast]

Well here is the second episode of our online marketing and blogging tips podcast, and in this episode we share with you 8 tips for using YouTube to promote your blog. YouTube is the most successful and biggest video media sharing social networking sites on the web, and whether you already use YouTube or you’re [...]

Episode One – My First Ever Podcast, Welcome to the M4M Blogging Podcast…

If you remember a while back (last November) I mentioned that I would be having a go at pod casting in the coming year. Well I’m pleased to give you my first episode of what hopefully will be many interesting and informative episodes of my online marketing and blogging tips podcast. In this episode I [...]