UK Riots Dominating News Sites & Twitter Internet Traffic

Over the last week or so we’ve seen a small fall in internet traffic to the blog, but over the last three days internet traffic has decreased quite considerably. The reason for this is of course due to what has been going on in the media in particular the London riots.  Once again people are [...]

5 Useful Tweet Tips for Engaging Bloggers!

Twitter is a must-use social media marketing tool for any serious blogger looking to build online credibility and drive traffic to their blogs. If you’re already using Twitter regularly, are you ensuring that you are tweeting effectively? Are you getting the most by engaging, growing and driving traffic to your website and Twitter profile by [...]

Is Social Media Really Worth your Time & Effort?

These days everyone is raving about social media this and that and how important it is to get on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and so on. Whilst I strongly believe that using social media can give your business greater potential online, and I know Samantha recently highlighted some of the facts about Facebook in her [...]

10 Ways To Get More Traffic From Twitter!

Twitter is one of the most useful social media marketing tools that you can use to drive lots of targeted traffic to your website. Tweeting is a single activity on Twitter which allows you to share links and resources with your followers, if your followers find any of them useful; they’re more than likely to [...]

7 Popular Must-Use Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a unique social networking site unlike your average run of the mill. In many or more ways than ever, I’ve found Twitter to be one of the most productive social sites that I’ve used, especially when it comes to marketing and promoting products and services online. So in this post I’m happy to [...]

28 Powerful Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

Get more Twitter Followers – This post was updated on 2011/12/24 One of the most powerful methods of traffic generation is through social media. Let’s look at Twitter for example; Twitter is by far my favorite social networking sites for business purposes and if you haven’t already realized its potential for your business yet then [...]

Buy Twitter Followers, 5 Top Twitter Marketing Websites

Buy Twitter followers -No social media marketing campaign is complete without those big Twitter follower numbers right? Getting Twitter followers however can be a real time consuming process. Whilst there are many great marketing methods for building targeted Twitter followers, there are also ways in which you can kick start your campaign quickly and get [...]

Increase Twitter Followers: 10 Proven Ways

Here you will learn 10 tips and trick to increase Twitter followers – Over the last couple of months I’ve become somewhat addicted to the world of tweeting and Twitter in general. Whilst doing my research into getting ideas for posts, I thought it would be cool to share with you some of the tips [...]