5 Steps To Make An effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a social media marketing strategy – The power of social media – and especially sites like Twitter (especially, just twitter…) – that act like tools of communication is immense. People can interact with even those whom you don’t know or have ever known. Your prospective clients are out there and you can reach them [...]

New Look Twitter for 2012

There’s a new look Twitter about… I’m sure you’ve probably seen by now that Twitter has a brand new look hot off the press… well almost. Twitter (Affiliate link) launched its new interface to a few number of users back in December (2011) but has made it available for all just a few days ago. [...]

How Can Social Media Monitoring Improve My Marketing Campaign?

Social media monitoring, How can you use it to Improve your Marketing Campaign? – The initial growth of the Internet allowed marketers to target narrow demographics. If a website is about weightlifting, weight lifting companies would buy banner ad space and be able to target the readers of that website. Ads could be further tailored [...]

Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps – You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software. It has [...]

Seesmic Desktop 2 Social Media Dashboard Review

What is Seesmic Desktop 2? Seesmic is a cross platform social and web application that allows its users to break up their Twitter stream into multiple columns as well as manage multiple Twitter accounts. Getting Started Installing Seesmic on your desktop is simple via a quick download and install link. Once installed, the application will [...]

5 Marketing Tactics to Attract Local Traffic to your Website

When it comes to building traffic to your website or blog, the majority of us think about the following tactics – Commenting on other blogs SEO Guest posting Using social networking sites Writing articles Doing podcasts PPC advertising Press advertising Doing email marketing Writing eBooks for the sake of it and the list goes on [...]

7 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business Online

Social media is a force to be reckoned with and when it comes to using it to effectively market your business online, there are no exceptions. Take Twitter for example, whilst I once believed that Twitter had no value when it came to social media marketing, my opinion have certainly changed somewhat over the last [...]

How to Get More Twitter Followers: 3 FREE Strategies

Get more Twitter Followers – If you have a Twitter account and are eager to find a way to get more Twitter followers free, then you’ve come to the right place! I have developed three proven strategies on how to increase Twitter followers, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you. Get More [...]

Selecting Your Social Media Wardrobe

Social media – You wouldn’t show up to (most) important job interviews wearing the same clothes in which you recently tended to your lawn duties. You wouldn’t wear your business suite to the neighborhood clean-up event, and you’d probably put some thought into the dinner wear you’d choose to make or anticipate a proposal of [...]

UK Riots Dominating News Sites & Twitter Internet Traffic

Over the last week or so we’ve seen a small fall in internet traffic to the blog, but over the last three days internet traffic has decreased quite considerably. The reason for this is of course due to what has been going on in the media in particular the London riots.  Once again people are [...]