5 Offline WordPress Blog Editors for Different Platforms

WordPress Blog Editors for offline use – If you are a power blogger managing different blogs at the same time, and tired of signing in to every account to make new entries to your blog? I found a better solution to get rid of this annoying problem. Today I’m sharing with you 5 powerful tools [...]

How to get lots of Free Web Traffic to your Sparkly New Blog

Here are six simple ways to get free web traffic to your new blog… So you’ve taken the plunge and have got your blog up and running finally. You’ve written about a dozen great posts but sadly are lacking in some real traffic and comments too. What can you do? Whilst search engine traffic can [...]

How to Backup Your Gmail to Your Hard Disk in 5 Easy Steps

How to backup your Gmail… In today’s short tutorial I want to show you how you can easily create a backup of your Gmail, (your emails, Gmail contacts) using Mozilla’s Thunderbird email software. If you don’t have Thunderbird already installed onto your computer, that’s ok as you can access it here… In this tutorial we’re [...]

9 Reasons Why Your Guest Posts Are Being Rejected and How to Avoid It

So why are your guest posts being rejected? Every blogger understands the importance of guest posting, every blog admin understands that making the selection wisely when it comes to submissions, is also important. If you’ve spent months on end building a decent enough audience and a matching reputation for your blog, you’ll know just what [...]

10 Common Website Design Mistakes that Destroy Your Affiliate Conversion

Website Design Mistakes – Do you know that your website design will affect your affiliate conversion? Not only affiliate conversion, but it will affect every other form of advertisements in your website (such as AdSense, text links, and so on). If you have an undesirable website design, you’ll also have undesirable affiliate earnings. If you [...]

10 Blogging Bad Habits to Avoid in 2012

2012 is literally just around the corner, and if you’re thinking about starting your own blog or have just started one maybe, here are 10 must-read bad habits you should avoid as you progress on your blogging journey to success into the New Year… 1 Don’t pick a niche you know nothing about – if [...]

How to Change the Font Style, Size & Colour in Child Themes for Genesis Theme Framework

I had an email this afternoon from a lady who just purchased the Genesis Theme Framework and News Child theme a few days ago. She wanted to eagerly know how she could change the font style, size and colour on the child theme, so I thought I’d put together a short tutorial to share with [...]

6 Ways to Improve your Online Business in 2012

Improve your online business in 2012 – 2011 has been a great year no doubt for many people already in business and especially for those who have just started out. With the year almost coming to a close it will soon be time to begin making plans for making your business even better and stronger [...]

5 Tips on How to use Yahoo Answers to get Laser Targeted Traffic to your Website

One of the best places to generate quality targeted traffic to your blog or your website, and one that is often overlooked is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers was established in 2005 and is a community driven question-and answer based social networking site attracting around 200 million users worldwide, with around 15 million users visiting the [...]

5 Things You Need to Possess Before You Start Your First Blog

Start your First Blog – Everyday tons of new blogs pop-up on the blogosphere radar, many of those new blogs last for a couple of weeks, some lasts for a few months, a few go on for a couple of years even and a small majority of them go on to become successful blogs. So [...]