8 Useful Things to do with your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, 8 things you should do… If you’re not familiar at all with LinkedIn, then let me explain it to you briefly… LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for business people. LinkedIn currently has over 120 million users, and opens up new opportunities for like minded business individuals to connect with thousands [...]

The Importance of Completing Social Profiles

Social Profiles – Back in November of last year I had the opportunity to listen in on a very insightful episode of one of my favourite blogging pod casters and top blogger’s Pat Flynn from the SmartPassiveIncome blog. In this particular episode Pat talked about the importance of being everywhere; which prompted me into writing [...]

How to Market your Blog through Social Networking Sites

There are differences. But in general we prefer scanning our community and social network to understand what and how others are doing things before we make any similar decision in our life. If both the sellers are giving same propositions, we buy from one, who is friendlier. No doubt same is true for business decisions. [...]

5 Tips on How to use Yahoo Answers to get Laser Targeted Traffic to your Website

One of the best places to generate quality targeted traffic to your blog or your website, and one that is often overlooked is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers was established in 2005 and is a community driven question-and answer based social networking site attracting around 200 million users worldwide, with around 15 million users visiting the [...]

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

The relationship between social media and the future success of your business should not be underestimated. The evolution of the modern business world is such that the landscape has now fully embraced social media and everything it has to offer growing businesses. Social media is no flash in the pan. It looks set to stay [...]

Google to add +1 [Plus One] Buttons to Google AdSense

Since Google rolled out its nifty +1 button back early this year it raced it’s way to become a huge success. Many online marketers make better use of Google’s +1 more than they do with Facebook’s ‘like’ button because of its relevancy in the search engines. Google announced a few days ago that in the [...]

The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Google Plus [Google+]

Well it’s been a few months now since Google rolled out its new and exciting new social networking site the Google+ project, and for those still to get their eyes around the new site, below we’ve compiled a complete user friendly newbie’s guide to Google Plus. When Google Plus was first launched back in June [...]

How to Get More Twitter Followers: 3 FREE Strategies

Get more Twitter Followers – If you have a Twitter account and are eager to find a way to get more Twitter followers free, then you’ve come to the right place! I have developed three proven strategies on how to increase Twitter followers, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you. Get More [...]

Selecting Your Social Media Wardrobe

Social media – You wouldn’t show up to (most) important job interviews wearing the same clothes in which you recently tended to your lawn duties. You wouldn’t wear your business suite to the neighborhood clean-up event, and you’d probably put some thought into the dinner wear you’d choose to make or anticipate a proposal of [...]

How to Get More Traffic from StumbleUpon!

I’ve had a few of you sending me emails asking me if I could write a post on how to get more traffic from StumbleUpon. Whilst I briefly covered this in a short post a while talking back about getting more followers on Stumble, I thought I’d go over it again in more depth. Very [...]