Future of Engagement – Adele Flips Off Brit Award Producers After Being Cut Off Less Than A Minute Into her Speech

Young British star Adele received a Brit Award last night but the producers wouldn’t let her finish her speech. Understandably, she was very upset (to make an understatement), but what happened next was not anticipated: She flipped off the producers. Many people believed she was cut off so that the Brit Awards could run extra [...]

How to use Social Media to Provide Customer Support for your Business

Social media for customer support… The customer is the king in a business activity. If there are no customers, the business activity remains incomplete. The ability to sell products or services and making a successful sale does not end the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Every business small or large needs to help [...]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Timeline to Promote your Business

Whilst Facebook timeline has not yet affected business pages as such, the new layout was made available to users back in December of 2011. However it is also apparent that Facebook plans to announce Timeline for Brands at their first-ever fMC event held specifically for marketers, on February 29th in New York City… (Source: WebProNews) [...]

Tom Foremski interview for Future of Engagement

Building connections is about taking every opportunity to use as many mediums as possible to build relationships and making those contacts. Building relationships shouldn’t just take place within ‘the box’ i.e. using social media; Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, but also outside of the box such as direct contact, email or a simple telephone call… [...]

How Can Social Media Monitoring Improve My Marketing Campaign?

Social media monitoring, How can you use it to Improve your Marketing Campaign? – The initial growth of the Internet allowed marketers to target narrow demographics. If a website is about weightlifting, weight lifting companies would buy banner ad space and be able to target the readers of that website. Ads could be further tailored [...]

6 Ways to get more content shared on Facebook

Content shared on Facebook – Facebook still remains to be and will remain for a long time yet, the powerhouse when it comes to content sharing and social media marketing. Today I want to share with you 6 powerful ways to get more ‘Like’s’ on your blog posts and theoretically get more of your content [...]

Five Top Tools for Integrating WordPress Blog with Facebook and Twitter

WordPress Twitter Facebook Apps – You’ve perhaps already gathered by now that how amazingly WordPress has become a very popular base for bloggers.  Most of the blogs you’ve seen were absolutely designed with WordPress platform. As it is the top blogging software accessible, we are obliged to the hands behind this excellent software. It has [...]

Discovering and Promoting Your Personal Brand through Social Media

Promoting your personal brand – Finding your personal brand is a lot easier said than done: it requires identifying and highlighting certain qualities about yourself that are entirely unique and noteworthy when compared to other professionals in your industry. The concept of personal branding is a form of self-packaging that can include several characteristics of [...]

The Importance of Completing Social Profiles

Social Profiles – Back in November of last year I had the opportunity to listen in on a very insightful episode of one of my favourite blogging pod casters and top blogger’s Pat Flynn from the SmartPassiveIncome blog. In this particular episode Pat talked about the importance of being everywhere; which prompted me into writing [...]

Trends that will Develop in Social Media in 2012

With the growing popularity of social media marketing, there are new trends that will emerge in the coming year. These new innovations will make social media more widespread and accessible than it already is. Social media will become default Social media will become an unavoidable aspect of businesses. It leads to various channels of distribution [...]