How to Use Pinterest to Promote Content on your Blog

I’m sure by now you will have heard about Pinterest. If you haven’t then let me explain briefly what Pinterest is and how you can use it to effectively promote content (images) on your blog and create a new traffic source for your blog. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool like no other; it currently [...]

5 Reasons You Should be on Pinterest

When it launched, Google+ seemed like it would be the next big thing on the social-networking scene. Internet marketers, techies, and bloggers everywhere predicted that it would topple Facebook, sending it the way of MySpace. But Google’s foray into social networking didn’t make so much of a bang as a fizzle, with most people ignoring [...]

StumbleUpon Receives Complete New Look and Rebranding

One of the webs and our favourite social bookmarking site’s StumbleUpon has had a complete makeover, and this week not only sees the launch of a new look for StumbleUpon but also a totally new brand image. Just quickly if you’ve not heard of StumbleUpon or perhaps you have and have not paid much attention [...]

7 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business Online

Social media is a force to be reckoned with and when it comes to using it to effectively market your business online, there are no exceptions. Take Twitter for example, whilst I once believed that Twitter had no value when it came to social media marketing, my opinion have certainly changed somewhat over the last [...]

How To Get More Followers On Stumbleupon!

  Hey everyone, this post comes to you from the British capital city of London; whilst I’m spending some well deserved time away from the office and studio. Ok, if you love sharing stuff on StumbleUpon like I do, then you’ll love hearing about some top valuable tips and tricks on how to get more [...]

Inbox2 Social Email Desktop Client User Review

I’ve been using the Inbox2 social and email desktop client for a couple of days now, after reading some of the more positive reviews of the dashboard on the web, I thought it would be cool to try it out myself. At first glance it does actually look the business, with its slick black graphite stylish [...]

6 Ways to Grow your Facebook Fans

Here you will learn how to grow your Facebook fans – One of the most challenging activities of social media marketing is building loyal followers, in particular building Facebook fans to your fan page. Ideally we’d all like to have a couple of thousand fans to our Facebook page when first starting out, but realistically [...]