15 Essential SEO / Webmaster Tools for Bloggers

When it comes to finding the resources to help you build your blog, the internet is filled with lots of useful tips, marketing tools, SEO and webmaster tools and resources. On the subject of SEO and webmaster tools, check out the 15 essential tools in the list below, I’m sure you’ll find them as useful [...]

How to Overcome Google Panda: 10 Tips for Bloggers

Google Panda – As most of you are already aware, Google is on an ongoing mission to improve the way its search engine ranks content on the web, by making needful changes to its algorithm. These updates are occurring quite frequently. Many of you may have experienced an increase in traffic whilst many of you [...]

30+ Reputable Places to Get Massive Backlinks to your Blog

One of the biggest challenges yet one of the most important aspects of getting high quality traffic to your website or your blog is through building backlinks. Why is it so important?, simply because without quality backlinks, there is no other productive way to improve your search engine rankings, as content alone won’t do it. [...]

Google Page Rank Update Report for November 2011

Google has released yet another page rank update, a quick follow up from their last update in August if you recall. It’s interesting to see new updates for everyone’s hard work and for two sites in my possession has received a respectable increase in page rank. magnet4marketing.net increased from PR2 to PR3 – I spent [...]

Consider Audience and Interest Areas for Social Media Success

If you post something on Facebook or Twitter or blog on a topic and you meet with deathly silence from friends, followers and fans, does it make a difference? It may not matter if you are posting or blogging on a personal basis. However, you may be trying to engage with people online by posting [...]

3 Easy Ways to Add Fresh Content to your Website

Why is it that search engines like Google love blogs? It’s because blogs are updated with fresh quality content on a frequent basis. If you want to improve your site’s search engine rankings regardless weather it’s a blog or not, you need to keep it up to date with fresh content. But sometimes this can [...]

Secrets To Local SEO

Search engines have changed drastically in the past two years. The main points are below: Google Panda Update: Gave less authority to content farms like ezinearticles and other big general article directories. They gave more authority to niche websites because they felt that websites with one theme would seem like the expert in its field. [...]

How to Take Your Existing Content Research to an All New Level by Repurposing It!

You may have been in the Internet marketing business for some time now, and your files are filled with content that was valuable to you. But, did you know that this content could still be very valuable now? If you take your existing content and convert it into fresh material with new backlinks, you could [...]

Are You Making These “Panda” Mistakes?

SMX – Matt Cutts Panda & Google Shoes… Since Google’s new algorithm update, the web is in a bit of an uproar, trying discovering what needs to be done to increase pagerank and remain at the top of the search results. What Did ‘Panda’ Change? While you’ve probably heard over and over about how the [...]

Tags: Probably the most useless Element of Search Engine Optimization!

As I understand it, the tag was first introduced by Google. It was designed so that webmasters could make all their outbound links on their website’s or web pages useless to the search engines. In theory if you’re linking to a website that uses the attribution, you’re basically creating a dead link right? [...]