Google+ Gets a New Look and this is Just The Start…

You’ve probably noticed that Google has launched a complete redesign of it’s social networking platform Google+. Google are currently in the process of dishing out the new design over the next couple of days, so if you haven’t yet seen it take effect on your profile, you soon will do. Personally I preferred the old [...]

How could Marketers Integrate Google Goggles into their Marketing Campaigns?

In 2009, Google launched Google Goggles, a mobile app that takes an image-based approach to search. By using image recognition technology, it allows a user to snap a picture of a document, book, CD, or other object and pull up relevant results about the item. While this interesting tool has yet to make a huge [...]

Battle Between Google+ and Facebook

Facebook’s dominance over the social media landscape has not been challenged for a long time. With over 800 million active users, Facebook is easily ahead of any of its competitors. However, the launch of Google’s new social networking site Google+ has changed things slightly. In a very short time span Google has amassed more than [...]

5 New Features that has Improved Google’s Search

Google are on the verge of reinventing themselves, lately the internet search giants, and to many people ‘who reckon’ soon to be social networking giants, have given us a host of new and exciting features to enhance our experience in using Google online products. Today I’d like to highlight on 5 new features that Google [...]

4 Ways to use Google Plus as a Blogging Platform

Whilst on Twitter over the weekend, one of the questions I was asked was ‘could you use Google Plus as a blogging platform?’ I guess you could do, would be my short answer, much in the same way as you could use Facebook or Twitter as a blogging platform. Let’s take a look how! Stream [...]

Google to add +1 [Plus One] Buttons to Google AdSense

Since Google rolled out its nifty +1 button back early this year it raced it’s way to become a huge success. Many online marketers make better use of Google’s +1 more than they do with Facebook’s ‘like’ button because of its relevancy in the search engines. Google announced a few days ago that in the [...]

Quick Start Guide to Mastering Google Plus for Business – eBook Review

These days every other online marketer and blogger is raving about Google Plus, why? Well it’s fair to say that over the recent months Facebook has had to take a step or two back off the centre stage and out of the limelight, to give way to no other than Google and its eagerly challenging [...]

The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Google Plus [Google+]

Well it’s been a few months now since Google rolled out its new and exciting new social networking site the Google+ project, and for those still to get their eyes around the new site, below we’ve compiled a complete user friendly newbie’s guide to Google Plus. When Google Plus was first launched back in June [...]

9 Chrome Extensions for Google Plus

Already rocking on Google+? Loving it as much as we are? Of course you are, well we’d hope so anyway; Google Plus is a great social media tool for businesses. Today we’re sharing with you 9 cool chrome extensions that will entice your user experience in Google+ to use with Google Chrome browser, which of [...]

Selecting Your Social Media Wardrobe

Social media – You wouldn’t show up to (most) important job interviews wearing the same clothes in which you recently tended to your lawn duties. You wouldn’t wear your business suite to the neighborhood clean-up event, and you’d probably put some thought into the dinner wear you’d choose to make or anticipate a proposal of [...]