Google Page Rank Update Report for November 2011

Google has released yet another page rank update, a quick follow up from their last update in August if you recall. It’s interesting to see new updates for everyone’s hard work and for two sites in my possession has received a respectable increase in page rank. increased from PR2 to PR3 – I spent [...]

Google Tools Tip: How to Send Emails Using a Different Email Address In Gmail

Hey folks it’s time for yet another hot Google Tools tip, and today I want to show you how to send emails, using a totally different email address, in your current Gmail email account, for example sending emails from your email address using your Gmail email account. Step One Ok first thing to do [...]

Google Tools Tip: How to Create a Personal Gmail Signature

Over the next few months we’ll be adding lots of new tips and tricks using Google and Google tools, which we’re sure will come in extremely useful if you use Google online tools for your business. Today I’d like to share with you a simple trick of creating a personal Gmail signature to effectively give [...]

Get a Google+ Invitation from Magnet4Marketing!

If you recall a while back we took a sneaky look at the new features of Google’s all new Facebook killer social site Google+. I logged into my emails this morning to find my shiny new invitation awaiting for me and I couldn’t wait to get my head around it. Google are still in the [...]

A look at Google’s New Social Network: the Google+ Project!

We heard some mild news a while back if you remember that Google were planning to roll out its own social network with Google Circles. Well this week we learn that Google are now in the testing stages before releasing their sparkly new social network project conveniently titled Google+. What is it? Google+ is very [...]

Are You Making These “Panda” Mistakes?

SMX – Matt Cutts Panda & Google Shoes… Since Google’s new algorithm update, the web is in a bit of an uproar, trying discovering what needs to be done to increase pagerank and remain at the top of the search results. What Did ‘Panda’ Change? While you’ve probably heard over and over about how the [...]

The Google Panda Updates Survival Tips For Bloggers

With the recent major changes in Google’s algorithm (Panda updates) targeting many spammy content scraping websites and blogs, content farms and sploggers (comment spamming bloggers), how are you making changes in the way you create content and perform better SEO for your blog? The new updates are good news for bloggers producing quality unique search [...]

Best Google Adsense: WP Plugin Review

If you’re looking for a real simple way to install Google AdSense scripts into your blog then you might want to hear about the ‘Best Google AdSense plugin’ for WordPress by JelyHost. I installed this plugin into one of my other WordPress blog projects to give it a test run. It’s fairly simple to install [...]

Sneaky Look At Google Analytics BETA: What’s New?

Google have rolled out a sneak preview of the BETA version of their beloved Analytics, woo hoo!! So what’s so different about the new BETA Analytics? Let’s take a quick sneaky look.   Redesigned Dashboard Interface The first most obvious change is the redesign of the dashboard which almost looks like its predecessor; however upon [...]