Forget About Google PageRank, Focus On These Strategies Instead!

So we got a fresh Google PageRank update when we were made to believe that there wasn’t going to be one, but Matt Cutts said he would be surprised if there was one going to happen before the end of this year, he didn’t actually boldly state that there wasn’t going to be one. @NielsBoschh […]

Google Penguin 2.0 – What’s the Big Deal?

Jimmy Wales, the American internet entrepreneur who founded Wikipedia, once said, “If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.” The same could be said for your business, even if it is a brick and mortar, mom and pop shop at a physical location. You might be thinking, I have a website, isn’t that enough? Unless […]

Link Building With Google Synonyms

While link building is a major part of any SEO or online marketing campaign, there are always concerns of ‘over-optimising’ or tipping the balance between a natural or not so natural looking backlink profile.  It has become evermore important since Google released their link goading penguin updates. So how do we get the most from […]

How To Recover From & Prevent Negative SEO

Last year Google released a series of search engine algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin), in an attempt to reduce web-spam and de-rank sites that had a low-quality backlink profile. This was of course great news for the ‘good citizens’ of ethical webmasters who were tired of seeing their hard work go to complete waste, by […]

Five SEO Strategies That Can Hurt Your Ranking

Google is secretive about its ranking algorithms. They are a complex mixture of over two hundred carefully weighted signals that contribute to deciding where on the search engine results pages a particular page appears. People don’t like complexity and secrecy, especially when their income depends on the information that’s hidden. They yearn for quick and […]