Future of Engagement: What is Microsoft So.cl?

Microsoft launched So.cl, a social research tool. It was only available to students until recently. It’s a slick layout that looks like it takes some of the best aspects from Google+ and Pinterest, with a curious nod to MySpace. Users can sign in using Facebook, so it is not an immediate competitor, but more of [...]

What is Google Hangouts on Air? Future of Engagement

Google Hangouts on Air are like regular Google Hangouts but they can be used for broadcasting much more effectively. This is because Google removed or significantly raised the user cap a few days ago, so a lot more people can watch your g+ videos. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands looks at [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tutorial in Plain English – Future of Engagement

Social media monitoring tutorial in plain English: Future of Engagement is back on Magnet4Marketing with this explosive mini-series. Breaking from his traditional interview/analysis format, Murray has produced an entire mini-series about how to monitor social media. His tutorials are in plain English so that you can understand them without having to look up all the [...]

Project Glass: Google’s social media marketing tutorial on Future of Engagement

Google executed a textbook social media marketing introduction of Project Glass last week when they created lots of exciting content that could be shared on social media. Combined with an innovative, futuristic product that fits the current narrative of moving toward Star Trek-like technology, Google has been able to captivate their audience so well that [...]

Social Media 2012: How to help Barack Obama Win in 2012

Help Barack Obama win – Social media: The Republicans will pull every trick in the book to try to win back the White House in 2012. Luckily for Democrats, Obama has a lot of things going for him. People still blame Wall Street for the bad economy, his health care reform law is popular, and [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tool Video: How Do Potential Customers Really React to my Marketing Campaigns?

Social media marketing tools are employed by people involved in business and marketing to find out what exactly people are saying about them on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. While before people had to rely on surveys and ad hoc monitoring methods, Alerti and other social media monitoring tools allow businesses and online marketers [...]

Black and Tan: How Nike Handled The Fallout From Naming a Shoe After a Terrorist Group

Before St Patrick’s Day, Nike released a trainer shoe called the Black and Tan. In the United States, a “black and tan” is a drink that people drink around St Patrick’s Day, but in Ireland the “Black and Tans” were a terrorist group that brutally murdered civilians during the Irish War of Independence in 1920-1921. [...]

Find out How South by SouthWest is Marketed on Social Media in Future of Engagement

South by Southwest organizes eponymous annual festivals in Austin, Texas such as SXSW Film. South by Southwest Film’s hashtag #SXSW has been tweeted and retweeted across Twitter and the event has received steady coverage on other social media. In this episode of Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands looks at how South by Southwest spread awareness [...]

Yelp IPO: A Marketing Coup? Find out in Future of Engagement!

Yelp’s stock price rose almost 60% on the day it went public, yet eight-year-old Yelp isn’t even profitable. Despite this, the media response was largely positive, especially on social media, though Business Insider was critical. From a marketing standpoint, the IPO was indeed successful since it increased Yelp’s perceived value, but what’s more important is [...]

Future of Engagement – Was Sacha Cohen’s Oscar stunt the right Marketing Move?

Here’s another episode of Future of Engagement with Murray Newlands… if you missed the last episode you can check it our here Before the Oscars, it was widely reported that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen would appear in-character as Aladeen, the two-bit Gaddafi-esque despot in Cohen’s newest film The Dictator. However, the media wasn’t expecting “Aladeen” [...]