4 Businesses You Might Not Think Need to Focus on Customer Service But Do

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Few businesses can provide poor customer service and still expect to keep their customers coming back. Customer service is vital to the continued healthy growth of a company. Many businesses that you wouldn’t automatically think about needing a customer service department actually devote [...]

3 Things I’ve Learnt From My Experience With MaxBlogPress Tech & Customer Support!

My recent experience with the none-existent tech and customer support team at MaxBlogPress has opened my eyes up to a few issues regarding customer care, and has made me more aware of my actions as an ecommerce site owner. Consumers are the lifeblood in an ecommerce environment, not how popular the site is or how [...]

4 Ways To Organise Yourself Better When Working From Home!

Working from home gives you complete freedom in many areas, freedom to spend more time with family and friends, freedom to spend more time enjoying the things that matter to you most in life, and the complete financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of. Whilst working from home can reward you with the freedom of time, you [...]

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Online Business!

If someone had told me when I left school that I would become an international selling artist running a successful online art business I would have said two things? One, what the hell is an online business and two, I could never see myself running any form of business. Not to run myself down too [...]

13 Things To Keep You Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home is great fun and extremely satisfying, you wake up when you want, start work when you want and end your day when you want. You have the complete freedom and power to do as much or as little as you want. However sometimes when things don’t run as smoothly as you’d expect [...]

Why Some Home Businesses Fail To Succeed

We would all welcome the opportunity to run our own business working from home. Whilst this is something many people are either working towards or doing right now, not everyone is cut out to succeed with running a business from home. Working from home isn’t as easy as many make it out to be; in [...]

5 Reasons Why your Customer Service Sucks!

Image by Pixomar / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Your business regardless of what it is, without consumers is nothing more than a fat bag of hot air. Getting traffic to your business is one essential element however in my mind there is something far more superior to traffic or SEO or advertising, it’s providing a flawless customer service [...]

Time Management: The White Board

Time Management and how it can be the Key Ingredient to your Success? In this post Samantha looks at time management and prioritizing, and getting yourself a new friend which you will come to know as… ‘The White Board’… So much to do and don’t know where to start? Well read on and it should [...]

Working from Home: Tips to Organize Yourself Better

Working from home? Are you organised? If not, after reading this post you will be… If like me you have the privilege to roll out of bed each morning and fall straight into work, working from home that is… then I’d like to share with you some top tips in how to better organise yourself, [...]