Which Platform is Best for Newbies: Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger or WordPress? This post looks at two very popular free hosted blogging platforms – I was recently asked that if I had to start a blog from scratch and had no idea which was the best platform to choose, which platform would I use out of Blogger or WordPress assuming they were both recommended [...]

10 Stunning Tech / Gadget / Blogger Themes Templates From PBTemplates!

Despite its limitations Blogger is still amongst the most widely used blogging platforms on the web, and a favourite amongst it’s many users. If you’re looking to create your very own snazzy tech / gadget blog using Blogger then you need to check out these 10 stunning tech, gadget theme templates from PBTemplates! TechMore Blogger [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Blog From BlogSpot To WordPress!

Blogger may well be the popular and widely used blogging platform amongst the less tech savvy users, but on all serious notes if you’re seriously thinking about making a success from blogging and you’ve been hoping that your trusty old BlogSpot blog will help get you there, then maybe it’s time you reconsidered. WordPress is [...]

How To Add Infolinks To Your Blogger / BlogSpot Blog!

Infolinks can be added not just to your WordPress blog, but if you also have a blog on Blogger you can easily integrate the code to use Infolinks on your BlogSpot blog too. You can do this very easily using the simple steps below. Step One Log into your Infolinks account with your username and [...]

9 Cool Ways To Customize Your Blogger Blog

Here is a full blown post on how to fully customize your Blogger Blog – Blogger is still one of my favorite blogging platforms, despite the limitations and lack of expandability that it has. Blogger is relatively simple to setup and use, and anyone can begin blogging straight away with this platform. I think I’m [...]