How the Google Panda Update Does Not Affect Article Marketing!

Article marketing, also sometimes referred to as content marketing, is a very popular means to market your website or blog and it is very effective for making sure that your content receives exposure.  Many new and veteran bloggers market their content in an effort to create back links to their site and to establish credibility [...]

How Giving Back Pays

Despite the media claiming that the unemployment rate is improving and the economy is bouncing back, most Americans aren’t feeling those effects yet. Entire industries have gotten smaller or received a death blow in the recession, and workers are still looking for a place to belong. It’s in times like these that people are looking [...]

Article Marketing; Is it Worth the Fight?

What Are We Fighting About? In a recent video, Matt Cutts offered a very neutral-sounding definition of article marketing; “…you’re writing an article and you try to include a link at the bottom and you’re hoping a bunch of other people put up copies or mirrors or duplicates of that article and that those links [...]

Quick simple tips for writing better Headline Titles

Today I’d like to share with you some top tips and suggestions on creating good headline titles for your articles, blog posts and email marketing newsletters. Firstly, everyone has their own unique ideas and methods on how to create good headline titles. One of the most important rules to keep in mind always is to [...]

Quality Matters a lot in B2B Article Marketing!

SEO Managers can opt from several link building strategies while an SEO campaign is implemented. Finest campaigns are those which consist of a range of links from multiple sources and are different from the rest. One such strategy, which was believed to be a winning one, was to write useful and obliging articles and present [...]

Article Marketing – Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

This is a guest post by Zubin . If you’d like to become a guest writer for Magnet4Marketing, please click here for more details and to register. Your account will immediately be approved to a contributor status. Your posts will be published once you have fulfilled the profile requirements and agree to our guest writing guidelines. It [...]