How to use Social Media to Provide Customer Support for your Business

Social media for customer support… The customer is the king in a business activity. If there are no customers, the business activity remains incomplete. The ability to sell products or services and making a successful sale does not end the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Every business small or large needs to help […]

Another Big Playa – Another Reason to Focus More On Discount Coupon Websites For Small Businesses

Discount coupon websites for small businesses – Small businesses have always been a little late when it comes to cashing in on the opportunities arising in the World Wide Web. They were late in realizing the importance of launching a website and working on their online presence, they were late in realizing the power of […]

8 Useful Things To Do With Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, 8 things you should do… If you’re not familiar at all with LinkedIn, then let me explain it to you briefly… LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for business people. LinkedIn currently has over 120 million users, and opens up new opportunities for like minded business individuals to connect with thousands […]

Publicity and Marketing Predictions for 2012

Applications will outdo websites as a means for interaction and advertisement. Applications will be used as the brochure and websites that market a company’s products and services. Businesses that work on the basis of appointments, like lawyers and doctors for instance will use mobile phones as a means for communication and planning. This communication may […]