5 Key Metrics to Determine Social Media Marketing ROI

Social media marketing can become a money pit for some companies. Your marketing team might spend considerable resources both in terms of time and money, succeeding in garnering a huge number of social media followers or fans. Yet, those followers or fans don’t always translate to customers. In many cases, the number of fans and […]

Analytics Tools needed for Online Business

The Best Analytics Tools for Your Online Business Every online business obviously relies on website of some sort to be able to sell its products or services on the Internet. However, not all websites can boast well-developed software, which covers all aspects of online marketing rendering them more successful than others. There are several important […]

4 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Effective email marketing should be an essential part of your business’s marketing campaign. But many business owners find themselves so busy with the day-to-day tasks of running their company that marketing efforts can fall by the wayside. If you’ve got your eye on success and want to experience regular business growth, marketing must become a […]

How to Use Instagram and Flickr to Promote Your Business

Instagram and Flickr: Photo sharing has become a viable business promotional technique that many online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to promote their brand and businesses. An image can say a thousand words and when used well, can even attract more potential customers to a business. Instagram and Flickr are among the most patronized photo […]

How to Respond to Negative Comments

Do you know how to deal or respond to negative comments? Unfortunately we can’t please everyone. Obviously that is our main goal in the marketing and business world but we are bound to run into a few of those who do not appreciate what we have to offer. So when that day comes when a […]

What Can We Learn About Branding By Looking At Apple’s Decision To Call It The New iPad?

The wait is over. Apple’s third generation iPad is on the shelves and available for purchase. Now that the multi-talented multimedia device is finally available, payment terminals are working overtime, reviews are rolling in, and the scammers are out in full force. The device is generating tons of hype as expected, but one thing that […]

Multivariate Testing: Increasing Sales, Increasing Conversions

What is Multivariate Testing? Multivariate testing is defined under the umbrella of behavioral targeting & personalization, which is a set of methods that are used to increase the effectiveness and impact of websites, blogs, and online campaigns. These works by gathering data from actual site users to build user profiles and feedback reports that can […]