How to Compete as a Small Hosting Reseller with Large Businesses

Making a noise with your small hosting reseller business – Starting your own web hosting business as a hosting reseller is easy, but surviving amidst fierce competition and turning it into a profitable venture can be an uphill battle. To get started, all you need is a website, reseller hosting provider, and some carefully devised [...]

Which is the Best Web Host Affiliate Program for Bloggers?

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is on every blogger’s agenda, it is also one of my top methods of blog monetization too. Whilst I respect that there are a considerable amount of web hosts out there offering some form of affiliate program, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one [...]

WordPress Hosting: DreamHost or HostGator?

When it comes to finding a reputable web host for hosting your WordPress blog, there are quite a few to choose from on the hosting market. Today we’re taking a look at two very popular web hosts DreamHost and HostGator, and putting them head to head to find out which of the two is best [...]

5 Steps To A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Getting a professional self-hosted WordPress blog may sound a simple enough task to achieve for most internet nerds, but for someone just starting out, this can be quite a headache. So here is a nice and simple ‘How to’ tutorial outlining 5 simple steps to a self-hosted WordPress blog? In this tutorial we’re going to [...]