9 Reasons Why Your Guest Posts Are Being Rejected and How to Avoid It

So why are your guest posts being rejected? Every blogger understands the importance of guest posting, every blog admin understands that making the selection wisely when it comes to submissions, is also important. If you’ve spent months on end building a decent enough audience and a matching reputation for your blog, you’ll know just what [...]

My Top WordPress Plugins for 2012

My top WordPress Plugins for 2012 – A while back I was asked by one of our readers, what plugins, and how many plugins do I use for the Magnet4Marketing blog? So I thought it would be great to share with you some of my favourite WordPress plugins for 2012 and a selection of the [...]

5 Tips To Keep Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

You can’t expect a car to run smoothly on no engine oil, the same way you wouldn’t expect a blog to run smoothly with very few readers… Or worst still can you imagine what it would be like if you were to suddenly loose all the interest of your readers? It can happen to any [...]

4 Tips for Overcoming Lazy Bloggers Syndrome

In this post we’ll look at 4 ways to get out of lazy bloggers syndrome – Lazy bloggers syndrome is when you have a day or two of feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything with your blog, whether it’s writing your next post or logging into your dashboard to reply to comments etc. [...]

Our New Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting on Magnet4Marketing – First of all I just want to say the biggest thank you ever and how overwhelmed I am to the number of guest posts we receive daily from you guys, and of course the more the merrier… But unfortunately we’ve also have to reject many of them as well for [...]

3 Essential Tips for Creating Better Blog Posts

In this article I will share with you 3 tips for creating better blog posts – I am sure that you’ve read many tips before now about how to create better content for your blog. Tips like; be consistent, write for your audience, check for spelling and grammatical errors, see what posts your readers are [...]

9 Powerful Ways to Increase Engagement on your Business Blog

How to increase engagement on your business blog – We all understand the value of using a blog to promote products or services in our business, but we must also realize that without sufficient engagement on our business blogs, we can’t effectively promote our business or the products and services the way we want… Take [...]

How To Stay Focused On What You Want To Achieve From Blogging

What do you really want to achieve from blogging? If you’ve been blogging for some time now you may well be content with your progress so far and reasonably pleased with the achievements you’ve made in your somewhat short blogging journey, but you know the road is long. Let me ask you this… do you [...]

5 Ways To Grow An Email List For Your Blog Like Never Before

How to grow an email list for your Blog – By now you must have realised the importance of email marketing and building a list for your blog or business. One of things I first learnt when building my online businesses was that building a list was the most important next step from SEO. Email [...]

On-Page SEO: Essential Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Essential On-Page SEO Tips for Newbie Bloggers When it comes to building traffic to your blog, on-page SEO is second to no other method. It is the most critical area of online blog promotion. Many newbies struggle to understand the importance of SEO and sometimes feel daunted by the technical aspects surrounding search engine optimization. [...]