87 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Blogging demands our attention almost in every area possible, sometimes there are simply too many things to think about doing in blogging, that we don’t always remember what to do next. More often than not, becoming more organized helps. …Or if you’re a complete newbie; you’re probably asking yourself how can I become a better [...]

Tips on How to Build Solid and Lasting Relationships with other Bloggers

This post looks at ways to use the web to build relationships with other bloggers – What do you need to do to become successful in blogging? Well let’s see now – You need to be able to find a profitable niche You need to be able to create high quality content that people will [...]

How to Use Google Analytics to Help You Decide What Blog Post to Write Next

Want to know what blog post to write next? Then read on… An overwhelming fact is that information on the internet is doubling every two years; that’s a lot of data clogging up the world wide web don’t you think? Using Google Analytics to collect data from your blog is essential, right from the start, [...]

The End of Magnet4Marketing?

Well not quite the end but there are some big changes happening over the next few months as far as this blog is concerned and I wanted to address them with you, the few but loyal readers of Magnet4Marketing… thank you for your continued support. Samantha and I have just returned from Internet World Expo [...]

Could Your Blogging Routine Be Making You Fat?

Could your blogging routine be making you fat? Sorry to break it to you, but the answer is in the affirmative. And even if you are one of those “lucky guys” who don’t gain weight easily, the extensive blogging routine can be resulting in some serious health hazards. Blogging started off as a pastime for [...]

The Evolution of Blogging: Infographic

The evolution of blogging: Blogging has come a long way since it first began many years ago. Whilst the activity has somewhat evolved over the years with the advances in internet technology, more and more people are turning to blogging not just so that they can get to share the things they love most with [...]

Gravatar Tips: How to Optimize your Gravatar Image for Best Results in Blogging

In this post we’re going to look at some Gravatar tips for choosing the best Gravatar – In blogosphere, a Gravatar serves as your facade, when you author a post and publish it on your Blog (or someone else’s blog as a guest author), as well as when you leave a comment on other blogs, [...]

20 Email List Building Tips for Beginners

List building tips – You’ve heard it time and again – the money’s in the list. The List, the List, the List. Still, so many new bloggers out there have gone nowhere near starting to build a list, much less soliciting email addresses. Why is this task so intimidating? Start now with our 20 list [...]

5 Tips for Selecting a Profitable Niche for Your Blog

Picking the right profitable niche for your blog is key to its ultimate success. Pick something too obscure — like felted miniatures of short-haired cats — and you won’t have an audience. Pick something too broad — like working from home — and you’ll never be able to cut through all the competition and get [...]

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Content on your Blog

I’m sure by now you will have heard about Pinterest. If you haven’t then let me explain briefly what Pinterest is and how you can use it to effectively promote content (images) on your blog and create a new traffic source for your blog. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool like no other; it currently [...]