Referral Traffic VS Search Engine Traffic: Why you should Increase Referral Traffic

Why you should increase referral traffic? – Google Panda and Google Penguin has no doubt hurt a lot of webmasters and bloggers to say the least. Whilst it’s not time for a traffic report I can tell you that Magnet4Marketing is 30% down on search engine traffic from the previous month. As disheartening as this […]

5 Common Mistakes Followed by Bloggers

What are the mistakes followed by bloggers? If we all were to make a list of the mistakes we follow as bloggers, we could easily fill an entire blog with these mistakes. Understandably, bloggers keep learning over the passage of time. And therefore have been able to fix their mistakes and keep moving forward. But […]

Newbie’s Checklist for Starting a Blog

This post will provide you with a checklist for starting a blog – So you’ve finally made the decision to start your own blog, congratulations. So where do you start you’re probably wondering? Starting a blog for the first time is an exciting venture, but with the excitement also comes frustration, especially if you don’t […]