Are You Serious About Blogging? Then Lighten The Funk Up!

Oh my God what’s going on? What’s that headline title all about… well firstly it’s about grabbing your attention and secondly it’s about how to succeed in blogging without becoming a serious jackass! I’m not one for these kinds of posts but seriously, since when did blogging become too serious to have fun. I was [...]

Are Spammers Getting The Better Of Akismet?

I realized something this morning… I seem to be spending a lot more time moderating comments in my ‘ham’ folder than I once used to. Lately, quite a few spammy comments have escaped the clutches of Akismet and have ended up in my pending folder for me to review, and today was no exception, so [...]

Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic & Income Report: September 2011

Wow! Another month has come to past, and I give to you yet another blog traffic and income report. Just another reminder as to why we share our blog income and traffic stats with out readers, and that’s to help inspire many of you starting up and coming pursuing your own blogging ambitions. We also [...]

Tips for Newbies: How to Create a Killer Blog Post from Scratch

Most of the people that I talk to about blogging reckon that it’s pretty easy to create a blog post, simply slap up some content together and hit the publish button. Most of these people are complete newbie’s of course who are still playing around with Blogger in their spare time as well. Creating a [...]

3 Practical Ways To Help You Overcome Your Video Blogging Fears

Video Blogging – I was inspired to write this post after reading a very informative write-up on Blogging Video to Connect with Your Audience by Matthew Holden, if you have a spare couple of minutes head over there to check it out. Video blogging or video marketing is still something of a rarity compared to [...]

3 Tactics That Increased The Blog Traffic Growth By Nearly 2,000 Visitors In One Month

This post on traffic growth was written by Fabrizio Van Marciano and Samantha Wright. In the month of June, if you remember from our traffic and income report we reported 8,845 visits, whilst in the month of July we reported 10,662 visits. I mistakenly changed our traffic strategy in August which saw us increase to [...]

Tips for Writing your Launch Post When Starting a New Blog Project

This week saw the launch of our second blog project, We plan to start a new blog project every 12 months or so, and hope to have a total of 5 blogs in our network by 2015; quite a challenge I know, but I personally love challenges. If you haven’t already done so, I [...]

4 Creative Ways To get Content Ideas For Your Blog

Content ideas – Blogging can be really fun if you can commit yourself to it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own challenges. One major challenge of being a blogger is generating content. I have struggled with this on more than one occasion for my blog where I talk about nutrisystem and medifast, [...]

List of 50 Internet Marketing, Blogging Tips, MMO Blogs for 2011

The halfway point of 2011 has come and passed, and as we head back down beneath the radars to work hard on our blog projects for the rest of the year, I thought it would be cool for me to share with you my very own personal list of favourite top blogging, internet marketing, SEO [...]

Tips For Newbie’s: How To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Social media tools offer limitless solutions for promoting your fledgling blog. If you’ve tried to boost traffic to your blog through other means (SEO, meta tags, etc.) and still suffer from a small readership, you may want to consider utilizing social media tools. Think of the social media tools as constant promoters for your blog, [...]