How to Market your Blog through Social Networking Sites

There are differences. But in general we prefer scanning our community and social network to understand what and how others are doing things before we make any similar decision in our life. If both the sellers are giving same propositions, we buy from one, who is friendlier. No doubt same is true for business decisions. [...]

10 Blogging Bad Habits to Avoid in 2012

2012 is literally just around the corner, and if you’re thinking about starting your own blog or have just started one maybe, here are 10 must-read bad habits you should avoid as you progress on your blogging journey to success into the New Year… 1 Don’t pick a niche you know nothing about – if [...]

Weekend Bloggers: How To Get More Work Done In A Single Weekend

Not all bloggers are privileged to have the time to spend each and every waking hour of every day working on their blog’s. Many of them are hard working 9 to 5er’s with not enough time available to devote to developing their blog’s apart from a few hours of an evening and over the long [...]

5 Ways To Boost Up Your Blogging Income

So your credit card is worn out up and your bank balance is severely drying up… Why do you think this is happening? Maybe you’re spending more than you need… or maybe it’s because your blog is not generating as much money as it use to… Of so you need to do something about it… [...]

How to Promote your Blog [Part 2]

How to Promote your Blog – In the previous post we talked about how to promote your blog doing basic but essential tasks such as looking at the current design and layout of your blog and improving the performance of your blog i.e. improving page load times and using a robust theme, and we of [...]

15 Essential SEO / Webmaster Tools for Bloggers

When it comes to finding the resources to help you build your blog, the internet is filled with lots of useful tips, marketing tools, SEO and webmaster tools and resources. On the subject of SEO and webmaster tools, check out the 15 essential tools in the list below, I’m sure you’ll find them as useful [...]

Why Bloggers Should Work on Making their Blog Faster

Make your blog faster – Are you a blogger, or do have a form of business online that requires constant communication with your audience? Looking for ways to improve your readers’ experience can mean a whole lot of difference in your career, and taking the right steps can be greatly rewarding. 34% of internet users [...]

How to Overcome Google Panda: 10 Tips for Bloggers

Google Panda – As most of you are already aware, Google is on an ongoing mission to improve the way its search engine ranks content on the web, by making needful changes to its algorithm. These updates are occurring quite frequently. Many of you may have experienced an increase in traffic whilst many of you [...]

How to Promote your Blog – [Part One]

How to promote your blog – The blogosphere… a dimension flooded by passionate individuals all fighting for a place under the limelight as a recognized individual with authority in their chosen niche or niches. Why has blogging become so popular? Is it because many people have realized that blogging is a profitable business venture? Is [...]

6 Tips for Writing Long Blog Posts

There is a lot of debate about how long blog posts should be. Some bloggers prefer to write short punchy posts that take the reader straight to the points of interest, whilst many other bloggers prefer to write long more elaborated articles. I personally prefer a balance of both, though I do enjoy writing longer [...]