Simple Blog Maintenance Tips for a Healthy WordPress Blog

In this post I will share with you some simple blog maintenance tips you can start using straight away – When we’re so busy with the everyday tasks of running our blogs, and yes there is a lot to do as a blogger; you’re responsible for writing content for your blog, scheduling posts, moderating and [...]

How I Easily Build Authority Links to Magnet4Marketing Quickly

So how do I build authority links to my blog? – I will share with you my strategies shortly… Link building or creating backlinks to your blog is vital if you want to make any reasonable impact, and represent any significant authority in the blogosphere, especially in your niche industry. We all know that link [...]

Is Your Content Up to Speed?

We have seen a big shift back to the importance of quality content lately. A lot of this has to do with the Penguin update that penalized tons of sites back in May. The update not only showed the importance of less black hat SEO tactics, but also put blog owners on the lookout for [...]

How to Resolve CPU Throttling / Performance Issues in BlueHost

If you are using BlueHost and have ever experienced limiting factors (CPU throttling), then hopefully this post will help you solve some of the issues that may be causing high CPU usage. What is ‘CPU Throttling’? BlueHost uses a proprietary CPU throttling system which automatically ties your account to a dedicated core on a temporary [...]

Cross-pollinate to Expand Your Audience

How do you cross-pollinate to expand your audience? – Alright, then–so you’ve identified what type of business you want to start, or what you want to revolutionize, or what your niche is, or what your message is. Getting started in even one of these directions is enough to make some major headway–you don’t have to [...]

The Hottest Internet Marketing Trends For This Year

In this post you will learn 4 top internet marketing trends of 2012 – Trying to market a business using techniques that have been effective 20 years ago may no longer be the case nowadays. The world is changing at a fast pace. Equipment being used today was not the same as what was being [...]

Should Small Businesses Consider Digital Marketing?

Everyone knows that for big corporations and industries, Internet Marketing is a must. No major corporation has a chance of survival these days without utilizing the benefits of the world-wide-web. But, is it really necessary for small businesses to market online? After all, small businesses usually cater to a small, local community. Is there a [...]

Pinterest Business: How Pinterest Stays Alive

For many social media sites, they make their money off ads, games, and other areas that members are using constantly. For Pinterest, however, they do not incorporate all of the side ads that Facebook does, the price-per-click advertising you’ll find on Twitter, nor any of the social games that are popping up on many of [...]