Build Your Business without the Trappings of Expensive Advertising – Internet Marketing

If you are just starting out a new business, whether it be online or off, you might be overwhelmed when thinking of how you are going to promote it. I don’t blame you. After putting a lot of time, thought, and effort into getting a business up and running, you certainly want people to know [...]

M4M 001 : Welcome to the Magnet4Marketing, Online Marketing and Blogging Tips Podcast Relaunch!

Hey folks, it’s finally here once again, and this is a complete new relaunch of the Magnet4Marketing online marketing and blogging tips podcast, something I’ve been planning to do properly again for a long time. One of the reasons why I decided to relaunch the podcast properly was because I really enjoyed doing it so [...]

Does your Blog Sound Like a Broken Record?

Blogging really isn’t that hard, you just pick a topic you want to talk about, find a web host and install WordPress, or even better get a free blog with WordPress or Blogger and start ranting about your favourite topic every day or other day… Easy stuff anyone can do it, absolutely anyone, it’s really no big deal. But! [...]

Top 5 Email Marketing Practices for Generating New Business

Too many people are rushing forward to proclaim that social media killed the email star, when in fact email is still the most widely used tool of communication – not just in personal or business use but also for advertising. A well-honed email marketing campaign is the best way to convert erstwhile visitors to your [...]

How You Are Wasting Time With Your Blog – Reduce Post Frequency, Focus on Quality & Promotion

Let me ask you this. Do you feel like you are wasting time with your blog? The bad news is that chances are, you probably are. You write lots of posts for your blog, but you feel like your hard work is not being appreciated enough. It seems like few people read and actually like [...]

DreamHost Promo Code: $75 Discount October 7 Days Only

DreamHost is one of our top recommended web hosting for WordPress, we recently added DreamHost to our web hosting review list, but today I want to share with you our DreamHost promo code for October 2012, but hurry as this will only last for 7 days. I currently host 1 blog on DreamHost and have [...]

Link Mashup #10 – Top Posts of the Last 4 Weeks

Link Mashup #10 for 22nd October 2012 – Well it’s the return of the Link Mashup… Yay! And I must sincerely apologize to you guys for the delay in getting one out to you in a timely fashion. Here’s my honest reason… I’ve been pretty busy with finishing off my new eBook, as well as [...]

How Attending Conferences, Expos Can Improve your Blogging & Online Business

So how can attending conferences, expos and technology events improve what you don online? Back in April of this year Samantha and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Interpret World Expo 2012, an event which takes place once a year in the British capital city, London, UK – and one that [...]

How to Improve your Blogging

Want to improve your blogging? – Every blogger out there, regardless of niche, background, ethnicity etc, is no doubt an expert at something or another. More than you’d like to admit if you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll probably be better at some things than you are at others. That’s OK, it’s natural to focus your [...]

Simple Blog Maintenance Tips for a Healthy WordPress Blog

In this post I will share with you some simple blog maintenance tips you can start using straight away – When we’re so busy with the everyday tasks of running our blogs, and yes there is a lot to do as a blogger; you’re responsible for writing content for your blog, scheduling posts, moderating and [...]