6 Tips for Optimizing your RSS

Before we begin looking at tips for optimizing your RSS – If you’re completely new to blogging and don’t know what the RSS fuss is all about, RSS simply stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a family of web feed formats that is automatically updated regularly. So in blogging this is usually in [...]

Join Our New Facebook Group Page BlogShare

Join Our New Facebook Group Page BlogShare – Hey folks, just a heads up to let you in on our new Facebook group page BlogShare. We launched BlogShare a few days ago and have around 75 members already. If you want to share your latest blogging, SEO related posts and receive more likes, or perhaps [...]

Progressive Insurance Corp. Case Study: How Not to Handle A PR Crisis

On August 13, 2012, Matt Fisher posted a blog on tumblr entitled “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer in Court” which almost immediately went viral and began a firestorm of negative discussion about the insurance company. Since his post, Progressive had to offer a rebuttal, the scandal became inspiration for several popular [...]

Monday Morning Link Mashup #4: This Week’s Top Posts

Link Mashup #4 for 20th August 2012 – Good morning blogosphere people and here’s to another grand start to a productive week, here’s to hoping you all have a great week what ever you’re doing blogging wise. If you have something worth sharing, this is the post to be doing it on, pop your thoughts [...]

Referral Traffic VS Search Engine Traffic: Why you should Increase Referral Traffic

Why you should increase referral traffic? – Google Panda and Google Penguin has no doubt hurt a lot of webmasters and bloggers to say the least. Whilst it’s not time for a traffic report I can tell you that Magnet4Marketing is 30% down on search engine traffic from the previous month. As disheartening as this [...]

5 Telltale Signs That your Blog is Dying or is Dead

How do you tell when a blog is dying or is dead? – I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade but let’s face the truth here people, blogging is not easy, regardless what you may have read elsewhere. It’s a known fact that blog’s come and go like the changing seasons throughout the year. [...]

15 Ideas for Finding New Readers for your Blog

Finding new readers for your blog – Understand this, if your blog is getting a ton of search engine traffic and hardly any traffic from any other sources then there is something definitely wrong, well I’d like to think so anyway. If your blog gets very few comments then there is also something wrong. Readers [...]

Monday Morning Link Mashup #3 – Posts of the Week

Link Mashup #3 for 13th August 2012 – Well what do you know, it’s another Monday and the start of another prospectus week, well almost… I must apologize for the delay in publishing this week’s link mashup as it is now Wednesday, I’ve been away at a family wedding so I was unable to get [...]

What You Need to know about Your Target Audience

What do you know about your target audience? – Building a successful blog that attracts a ton of targeted traffic and a ton of comments is no easy achievement by any means. The key to building a successful community driven blog is by understanding your target audience. When I say understanding your audience I mean [...]

Protecting your Brand Image: What you can learn from the Mistakes of Chik-fil-A and Papa John’s

Just as the Chik-fil-A PR disaster is finally dying down, another fast food giant has made a similar faux-pas. Papa John’s pizza CEO John Schnatter was quoted as saying that costs incurred from the president’s new health care initiative would be passed on to customers in order to protect shareholders. “We’re not supportive of Obama [...]