Who Is Using Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools are used by a wide variety of agencies and companies for everything from PR and marketing to market research, advertising, customer service and business development. I hear about new uses for social media monitoring every week. And it’s not just online or retail businesses doing the monitoring. I read a case [...]

LinkedIn Tutorial in PR Disaster Recovery – Future of Engagement

Losing secure information to hackers is a big deal. Such a big deal that people started hammering LinkedIn on Twitter for letting hackers compromise over 6 million LinkedIn passwords. Linked responded quickly and told everybody to change their passwords. They even smartly avoided emailing people to change their passwords since this would look like a [...]

Salesforce’s Acquisition of Buddy Media – Buddy Media CEO’s Personal Response Video

The cloud computing and CRM company Salesforce has just signed a $689 million dollar acquisition deal with Buddy Media after a recent acquiring of the company Radian6. The Buddy Media deal is set to close later this summer. What is more remarkable about this acquisition is that the conversation surrounding the sale is much more [...]

Facebook Timeline Engagement Tips for Their New Feature

A new feature released last week by Facebook allows brand pages to more quickly and easily monitor their reach to fans. Previously you could use the brand page admin panel to see what content is interesting to fans and understand the conversations surrounding each new piece of content. This new feature allows brands to view [...]

Future of Engagement: What is Microsoft So.cl?

Microsoft launched So.cl, a social research tool. It was only available to students until recently. It’s a slick layout that looks like it takes some of the best aspects from Google+ and Pinterest, with a curious nod to MySpace. Users can sign in using Facebook, so it is not an immediate competitor, but more of [...]

What is Google Hangouts on Air? Future of Engagement

Google Hangouts on Air are like regular Google Hangouts but they can be used for broadcasting much more effectively. This is because Google removed or significantly raised the user cap a few days ago, so a lot more people can watch your g+ videos. In this Future of Engagement episode, host Murray Newlands looks at [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tutorial in Plain English – Future of Engagement

Social media monitoring tutorial in plain English: Future of Engagement is back on Magnet4Marketing with this explosive mini-series. Breaking from his traditional interview/analysis format, Murray has produced an entire mini-series about how to monitor social media. His tutorials are in plain English so that you can understand them without having to look up all the [...]

Project Glass: Google’s social media marketing tutorial on Future of Engagement

Google executed a textbook social media marketing introduction of Project Glass last week when they created lots of exciting content that could be shared on social media. Combined with an innovative, futuristic product that fits the current narrative of moving toward Star Trek-like technology, Google has been able to captivate their audience so well that [...]

Social Media 2012: How to help Barack Obama Win in 2012

Help Barack Obama win – Social media: The Republicans will pull every trick in the book to try to win back the White House in 2012. Luckily for Democrats, Obama has a lot of things going for him. People still blame Wall Street for the bad economy, his health care reform law is popular, and [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tool Video: How Do Potential Customers Really React to my Marketing Campaigns?

Social media marketing tools are employed by people involved in business and marketing to find out what exactly people are saying about them on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. While before people had to rely on surveys and ad hoc monitoring methods, Alerti and other social media monitoring tools allow businesses and online marketers [...]