March 5, 2011

What’s the value of your Blog!

Promote your Website

I recently stumbled upon a site whilst doing a search for a website valuation tool, and amongst a few that I found was this one, at my blog Whilst I don’t think that it’s completely accurate, after being as honest as I could be by entering some basic information about my blog, it came [...]

Magnet4Marketing Month in Review February 2011

Magnet4Marketing dot Net

Taking a look at February’s Top Blog Posts, Targets and Achievements… Well another month has passed and we’re going full steam ahead with new goals and targets for March. It’s always nice to take a look back to see what we’ve done and achieved throughout the month and in this post I’ve placed together the [...]

40+ Internet / Business Marketing Forums + PR + Alexa Rank!

Repeat Business Tips

//   Participating in online chat forums is one of the best ways to build your author credibility and gain recognition as a blogger, web author, and internet or business marketer. As well as this, forums are a valuable tool for SEO purposes as well as attracting users back to your own blog or business [...]

6 Stunning Must-Have Elegant Themes for WordPress!

WP Themes

We recently graced you with an insightful post on our top 5 premium WordPress theme designers for 2011 and whilst doing so we fell in love with some of the most inspiring themes I’ve come across for WordPress from no other than Elegant Themes. So in this post we’ve carefully selected 6 of the most [...]

New Share Widget BETA Now Available!


ShareThis recently announced the release of their new Share Widget BETA for website installation. The new sharing tools will allow for better interaction, sharing and engagement with your internet audience. One of the new features that stand out is the ability to now share your web content simultaneously to users on Facebook, Twitter, Email and [...]

Top 5 Adsense Tips for Online Money Making Bloggers!

Google Adsense

If you’re starting a blog with the intention of making a ton of money from it or maximising the revenue potential through Google Adsense, then there are a few all important issues you need to know first before diving head first into it. In this post we’re going to look at 5 top essential facts [...]

How to Block IP’s in Bluehost!


One of the many great benefits from using Bluehost as your webhost is the security tools and features available. // One of which I’d like to highlight is the IP deny manager tool which allows you to block any unwanted IP in part or in full from accessing your site. The tool is especially useful [...]

Get More Fans on Facebook using Facebook as your Fan Page!


//   Facebook recently rolled out an awesome feature allowing you to use your fan page as your Facebook profile. To do this, simply log into your fan page on Facebook and click on the link titled ‘Use Facebook as…’ what ever your page is called. Use Facebook as Fan Page Once you have made [...]

How to Increase your Facebook Account Security!

Facebook Security Tips

In this short tutorial I’m going to share with you a few tips and steps in which you can take to increase the security of your Facebook profile or page. Step One Go to You need to be logged in to view your current overall security status or level. Your security level should be [...]

23 Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending a Penny!

Make Money Online

When we talk about making money online most people automatically think about all the money they’ve wasted on products and services promising to get them instant results overnight. You know the ones I’m talking about, the get rich quick crap. Unfortunately it’s those kinds of bait and switch bullsh&t methods that have in some way [...]

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