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Hey folks, welcome to the brand new affiliate program for bloggers and affiliate marketers.  If you want the opportunity to make some extra money online promoting my eBooks, it’s real simple – you promote my blogging and online business eBooks / workbooks and earn a whopping 75% commission on all sales, no questions asked.

My affiliate program is provided through e-Junkie, so all you have to do is to simply signup here to start promoting my eBooks and guides and start earning money online.

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There are many reasons why you should consider promoting my eBooks, check it out…

  Easy to signup and you can earn 75% commission

  I provide all the promotional banners ready for you to download and use.  If you want to review any of my eBooks on your blog, or to add a short testimonial to the sales page, simply contact me and I’ll send you a courtesy copy.

  My informative eBooks / workbooks are unique and contain high quality and high value content.  I created the 10 Steps To Build a Better Email List to teach bloggers and people doing business online how to effectively build a super active list of email subscribers fast.

  Also (coming soon) in my product range is the brand new Smart Blog Traffic Tips guide which will contain over 100 unique and powerful strategies for increasing traffic to your blog.  With so many bloggers suffering from traffic deprivation due to Google’s endless search engine algorithm updates, loss of search engine rankings and or being a victim of negative SEO, many bloggers are now forced to looking at other sources of traffic. Signup to my affiliate program for future news and updates.

  I will also be adding many more resourceful eBooks the website throughout 2013, and you can be there every step of the way promoting and earning a healthy commission from every single sale you make.

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Once you’ve signed up using the link above, simply come back to this page to grab your promotional banners, the page should redirect you to this page in any case.

Promotional Banners

Below are a selection of promotional banners that you can download and use to promote my eBooks on your blog or website.  I will be adding more to this page in the immediate future. (Simply right click and download image to save as, please do not use the image location URL to add banners to your blog or website)


Our affiliate program is open to bloggers and anyone involved in affiliate marketing.  Affiliate payments are sent out to our affiliates between the 28th day and the 5th day of each month.  Payments are made via PayPal.  Payments will not be issued to affiliates who purchase our products themselves.  Please do not copy the image URL of the banners below to add to your website or blog, please download them and upload them to your site first.  For more information please Contact Us.

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10 Steps To Build a Better Email List

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Build a Better Email List Binder eBook

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