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Magnet4Marketing is a rapid growing blog currently generating around 20,000 page views from around 12,000 unique visitors each month. We currently have a growth rate of around 1,000+ new visitors each month, and over 14,000 monthly subscribers. As our traffic grows so does our email list with around 4 to 5 new email subscribers every day… We welcome you to come and advertise your business, blog or service with us, it’s easy to get started. We offer advertising solutions directly or through

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Our site focuses and attracts visitors in the industry of small business marketing, internet marketing, website design, search engine optimization, blogging tips, affiliate marketing, making money online, internet tools and social media.

Please see our current site stats as of 17th January 2012

Alexa: 48,000

Technorati: 112

Google Page Rank: 3

Monthly Visits: 12,000+

Monthly Page Views: 20,000

RSS: 100+

Email: 556

Facebook 1: 930

Facebook 2: 230

Twitter: 9,190

YouTube: 52

StumbleUpon: 513

Digg: 93

Google Plus: 974 1,440

LinkedIn: 83

TOTAL Subscribers: 14,000+


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