February 19, 2011

7 Product Marketing Tips to Boost Online Sales!

Business Marketing

Whether you’re the latest internet marketer on the block trying to promote products of your own or not, or whether you’re running a well established online based ecommerce business, generating sales to grow your business in this current economic climate can prove to be a bit of an uphill challenge at times. Regardless of this, [...]

8 Effective Ways to use Facebook for your Business!


// Facebook, as you know is used by thousands of businesses worldwide with the recognition that internet traffic and sales leads can be generated through the use of social media sites. Today I’d like to share with you 8 effective methods in which you can utilise your Facebook business page or fan page to generate [...]

9 Ways to Install Trust in Your Consumers!

Consumer Trust

// Using all the conventional marketing tools and methods under the sun to help drive consumers to your website is all well and said, and you can only do the best you can with your SEO, email marketing, online promotions, PPC advertising, social media marketing and what have you, but what about putting trust in [...]

How to Use a Blog to Drive Consumers to your Ecommerce Business!

Blog Shopper

These days blogging isn’t just about writing a hell of a load of content, slapping ads and praying for money to fall out of the sky. In fact I’ve even been guilty of that intention myself. But now I don’t even bother about looking to blog for money, that isn’t my primary objective. Since I [...]

5 Crazy Ways to Use your Mobile Phone as an Advertising Tool for your Business!

The Hoff!

A bit of a sad on this but if you’re looking for new avenues in which you can advertise your business with the minimum amount of work then check out the following 5 crazy tips. Text Ads This can only work if you register every business contact that you have come across say in the [...]

Facebook Marketing Tips: Build & Interact!

Facebook Friendly Marketing

// Statistics show that more than 500 million people actively use Facebook, 50% of these active users log onto Facebook in any given day and the average user has 130 friends. On average people spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook each month. With these kinds of statistics it would be difficult to determine why [...]

Week Roundup: Blogging The Winter Blues!

Blogging in Winter!

We’ve missed last week’s roundup post simply because of how overwhelmingly busy we’ve been with our online art business. So this is a general review of some of the articles and discussions we’ve looked at over the last two weeks if you like at Magnet4Marketing dot Net. Many small online ecommerce businesses like ourselves will [...]

5 Online Consumer Promotions to Boost Christmas Sales!


As an online e-commerce business owner, I know that it must be a very busy time of year for other business owners in similar situations, where it is this time of year that matters most, and most online businesses try to make the most out of maximizing their business profits. Christmas isn’t just the only [...]

5 Steps to a Successful Product Launch!

Successful Product Launching!

// I was prompted to write this post regarding the subject of two matters, 1) researching the market before a planning on a new product launch, or even better, before even thinking about creating a new product for the market, and 2) product launching and marketing itself. It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re [...]

Christmas Marketing Tips for Maximum Business Earnings

Christmas Shoppers

// This blog post is aimed towards all those who are in the online business trading sector. I would like to share with you some useful tips to getting the maximum exposure and beating off your competitive rivals with ease and increasing your business revenue this Christmas. Christmas is a busy time for shoppers as [...]

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