How to Really Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog

As an affiliate blogger, how do you really make money online with ClickBank? – One of my favorite ways to make money online as an affiliate blogger is through ClickBank. If you didn’t already know, ClickBank is a unique marketplace that offer a wide range of digital products in a wide range of niches, and many of those products come complete with marketing and promotional tools, enabling anyone to start promoting them quickly and getting on the road of making money online within just a couple of clicks…

However that’s just the short end of it…Now let’s take a dive deeper into how to really make money online with ClickBank, just using your blog…

“…But wait… I’ve heard many horror stories about ClickBank!”

…These days there are horror stories with just about any company… ClickBank is a safe marketplace with lots of potential for making decent money online, not just for affiliate marketers, but also affiliate bloggers like you and me.

I’m sure you’ve probably read somewhere in the forums or on other blogs about ClickBank scams, who hasn’t heard about a ClickBank scam, and to be really honest there was even a time when I objected to using ClickBank… but!…

Overtime I’ve learnt quickly that ClickBank also has a lot of great genuine products that are worth promoting… Products like the Video Traffic Academy, the iPhone Dev Secrets Course, the all-amazing EasyAzon Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress by Chris Guthrie, the Real Writing Jobs program and the WP Starter Guide by and many others to mention.

The key remaining on the positive side of using ClickBank is finding those great products and knowing exactly what to do with them before, during and after promoting them on your blog…

Today I want to share with you a step-by step approach that I personally use to successfully monetize my blog and make money online with ClickBank.

Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog: Step One – Visit ClickBank

If you don’t have an affiliate account with ClickBank you can register for one here, it’s completely free and only takes a few minutes. Once you’re in you can begin exploring the avenues of ClickBank and read as much information as you can on the site to get a better understanding about what ClickBank is. If you’re reasonably tuned with ClickBank, a refresher can do you no harm…

Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog: Step Two – Finding Products

Finding products on ClickBank to promote on your blog is easy. You simply click on the Marketplace link at the top of the page and visit the categories to find products. One of my favorite ways to find products is to either visit the featured products page or search for a product using relevant keywords.

The process of finding products shouldn’t be rushed, take your time to find a couple of good products that you might want to promote on your blog.

Also note that when finding products, study the statistics of those products carefully such as average sale, ave % re-bill and gravity… the gravity stat is measured over 12 months and is the most important statistic; If a product has a high gravity it simply means it’s a hot product and there are many affiliates successfully promoting that product…

However bare in mind that the higher the gravity also means that competition is going to be tough! You can view more information about the ClickBank stats and how it works here.

Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog: Step Three – Research Products

OK, once you have selected a couple of products you want to promote, the next thing to do is research… Research on what others have to say about those products. The search engines are the most obvious places to start researching into a product on ClickBank.

For example, let’s look at the iPhone Dev Secrets course which I’ve now been promoting on my blog for well over a year. By the way, back then this product wasn’t as saturated with affiliates as it is now…

The first thing I did was to do a search using the phrase ‘iPhone Dev Secrets review’ and also ‘iPhone Dev Secrets scam’ amongst many other phrases… I’d also bookmark all the sites that had already reviewed the product, so that I could use them to help me construct a more refined review… and I also studied some of the feedback that people had left on forums and other blogs about the product. I was getting as much information as I needed before deciding to promote it… The final part of my research was to actually buy the iPhone Dev Secrets program myself…

I’d highly recommend that you do the same when finding products that you want to promote on your blog. This doesn’t just apply to ClickBank products, but any other affiliate products from other programs also.

Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog: Step Four – Promoting

Now we get to the promoting of your ClickBank products on your blog. Below is a list of five methods you can use as an affiliate blogger to successfully promote your ClickBank products just using your blog. I won’t go into great detail of each one, as I’ve already covered some of those topics, and some can serve as ideas for posts for the near future…

Here’s what you can do –

If you want to check out more information on how to use various methods of promoting affiliate products, as well as tips and ideas, check out the following posts.

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5 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Make Money Online with ClickBank using your Blog: Step Five – Monitor and Analyze your Efforts

ClickBank offers some cool analytical tools for tracking your daily sales trends. Here you can view each vendor and analyze data from hop count, order form impressions, order form submits, initial sales, gross sales, net sales, refunds and chargebacks.

You can also cross reference your sales trends with your Google Analytics data to ensure that your review posts and affiliate banners are working efficiently to get you higher CTR’s thus more sales.

Make Money Online with ClickBank

The key to succeeding with ClickBank as an affiliate blogger…

As with using any affiliate program, consistency is the key to succeeding, and this couldn’t apply more with ClickBank. As an affiliate blogger, content creation and quality is essential, so ensure that you continue to create great content and know exactly when, where and how much of your ClickBank affiliate links to add to your blog, the best of luck to you and here’s to hoping you’ll get to enjoy your first ClickBank check soon…

Have your say?

Do you use ClickBank to make money from your blog? Why not share your own tips, ideas and suggestions with us. If you don’t use ClickBank what are your reasons, place your comments below as always.

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  1. Could you maybe give some tips on how you evaluate the statistics clickbank provides when you’re looking for a new product? Like do you have better experiences promoting products with a lot of gravity, as they seem to sell well, but have a lot of competition, or do you do better with products that might sell harder (where you might need a better sales pitch than for the other product) but have less competition? Is it better to go for cheap products and sell more or go for the more expensive ones and where you have to sell less to make the same money?… Thanks.

    • Hey Andy thanks for stopping by, here’s a little something I’ve put together as you requested…

      How to Use the Statistics in ClickBank When Choosing a Product to Promote

      Choosing products on ClickBank to promote on your blog or through other means of affiliate marketing can be fun. But how do you find products that will generate lots of sales? In this short post extension, I’d like to share some of my own personal tips on how I use the product stats in ClickBank when choosing a product to promote.

      When searching the marketplace each product in ClickBank is given a mini stat report. If you want to find products that are popular, I’d recommend sorting the search results by either popularity or gravity. I explained briefly what the gravity value means in the main post above.

      Personally for me I’ve had much better results promoting products with a higher popularity and gravity score, whilst competition for those such products are high; there are many ways in which you can challenge yourself to beat off your competition and it’s those kinds of challenges that I enjoy most.

      I’ve found that there is always something you can do more that your competition has failed to do… it could be an additional article or two, a series of mini video reviews, several guest blog posts… etc…

      If you don’t fancy putting that little extra hard work into promoting products with high competition, you should consider promoting products with lower gravity and popularity scores. You won’t have much competition to beat off in the search engines etc, which means you will be able to dominate that product and still make decent enough money from promoting them.

      …But be careful with products that have low stats as sometimes there can be a valid reason as to why people aren’t promoting them in general, do the research first, don’t be tempted to promote something that looks too good to be true, it can really ruin your credibility if it all goes Pete Tong… What I mean is make sure that the product isn’t a shady one… This is also one of the main reasons I tend to stick to promoting products with a much higher popularity and gravity score.

      There is also the option of finding and promoting products that are more affordable to consumers. I’ve found products around the $15 to $30 mark sell great, and because they’re much more affordable you’re more likely to sell a lot more in quantity as apposed to the higher priced bracket products on ClickBank.

      You can also compare your own stats with the initial product performance stats after a couple of months of promoting them, you can do this by searching for the product you’re currently promoting in the marketplace, and viewing product stats and your own stats at the bottom of the product description.

      So to cap off…

      • Find and promote products with medium to high pop and grav at higher prices
      • Find and promote products with medium grav at more affordable prices
      • Be careful when selecting low stat performance products
      • One thing I didn’t mention too much in the main post is ‘Promote products related to your niche’.

      It’s all about experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, the best of luck…

  2. click bank indeed a good way to earn but scams make me feel malafied
    I mean if its happens to u it will annihilate u.

  3. Abhishek says:

    This thing never worked for me. Till now i had not earned anything from it. After reading your article i decided to give it another try. Thanks for the post.

    • Hey Abishek, I’m sorry that you haven’t yet earned anything from ClickBank, it’s not easy at all I know but follow my tips here and keep up the hard work and when you start making money from CB you’ll be hooked. Best of luck my friend.

  4. Thanks for all the advice provide by you. It really help me a lot.

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