9 Reasons Why Your Guest Posts Are Being Rejected and How to Avoid It

So why are your guest posts being rejected? Every blogger understands the importance of guest posting, every blog admin understands that making the selection wisely when it comes to submissions, is also important.

If you’ve spent months on end building a decent enough audience and a matching reputation for your blog, you’ll know just what I mean. Although no one likes to be rejected, especially guest writers, it’s disheartening to get that email in your inbox saying that your submission has been rejected… luckily I haven’t felt that kind of rejection… yet…

So I must be doing something magically right… nope, there’s no magic involved in it at all, just some basic common sense… Today I want to share with you 9 reasons why your guest posts are being rejected, and you can avoid them when pitching guest articles to potential blogs. So sit back grab a coffee and listen well…

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Guest Posts: 9 Reasons Why Yours Are Being Rejected…

1. Your guest posts don’t follow the guidelines…

One of the first things that you’re asked to do before submitting a guest post to any blog is to follow the guidelines… Every blog has their own set of guest posting guidelines, so if you’ve submitted guest posts and have been rejected without paying attention to guidelines, then you’re at a loss.

But don’t despair…

Learn from this for the future, always read the guidelines of a new blog that you’re about to guest post on before submitting.

2. Your spelling and grammar is shameful

I read quite a few blogs in my days when I’m not writing or guest posting myself, and I’m still amazed at the number of blog’s, some popular one’s too, that are still making silly little spelling and grammatical errors and type O’s. As an administrator, you should proof read every article before publishing them which no doubt you know.

As a guest writer, you should make sure that you’ve read once, read twice and again to ensure that your guest posts are free from such errors before submitting.

3. Your copy lacks personality

No one likes to read boring drab that go on forever with no character, if your copy lacks character, it may also be rejected. Ensure that you inject some characteristics and personality into your guest posts. Enthusiasm can be seen in written articles so be sure to show that off.

4. Your copy does not promote conversations

Blogging is all about engaging with others and promoting conversations. If your guest post doesn’t open up to an audience then chances are it will be thrown in the reject bin. Ensure you ask for readers input at the end of your articles, get them engaging and sparking off into conversations.

Check out our post on how to get your audience engaging on your business blog.

5. Your copy doesn’t provide a solution to a problem

If you’re outlining a problem in your guest post then ensure you provide a solution to that problem. I’ve made the mistake myself in the past of creating great posts that outline problems that, perhaps other bloggers are having, but have failed to provide a reasonable solution, which can confuse your readers.

6. The layout of your content gives me a headache…

I receive a steady number of guest posts every week and only a few of them get published because they are formatted well.

Before now I’ve even received guest posts in one block of text, with little or poor use of full stops or commas, what a headache sorting all that out has been.

Ensure that before you submit your guest posts that it is laid out in readable format at least. If you’re submitting guest posts by email, use your own blog to format them, open up a new post in WordPress to edit your post in HTML, then copy and past it in an email to send to prospectus blogs. It’s a useful tool to use.

7. You’re self-promoting too much

A lot of blog admins are wary of this one so be careful no to submit posts that are nothing more than self-promotional crap. There are exceptions where it might be something that will be of use to the reader or a paid service even.

8. You didn’t respond to any comments in your last guest post

One of the essential ingredients needed for a successful blog is engagement… No blog is worth reading without user interaction. What annoys me the most, are guest writers that don’t respond to comments, and usually I’ll email them kindly asking them to respond to the comments they have on their posts… most of the time with no avail…

It is imperative that you engage with your audience on your guest posts, respond to comments, answer questions, it will not only look good on your account, but readers are more likely to visit your blog to engage with you further. If you engage, don’t chances are that you won’t get another guest post published too soon after….

9. You have not written for the audience

One of the common mistakes being made by many newbie guest writers is writing and submitting non-topic related content, in hope that it will be published on a blog that focuses on an entirely different niche…

Write for the blog’s audience and the best way to do that is to read some of the other posts on that blog, see what the most popular posts are, read the archives to give you an idea of topics to write about.

Share your own reasons…

Well I hope these 9 reasons will get you thinking before you commit to your next guest post. Of course if you have any other reasons to add, please do so in the comment section below as always.

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  1. Hey Fabrizio, luckily I’ve done only two guest posts so far. And none of them got rejected. Even, I got very good response. My first guest post (which is linked below) was in my very first blogging contest. I got 300+ comments and still counting. And second was on BBT, there I got 190+ comments. NOT BAD, I think.

    Very useful post for many guest bloggers out there who are tired of facing rejections because of their silly mistakes and bad writing.

    • Hey Abhi thanks for taking the time to stop by and sharing your experience and it sounds like a good one too, congratulations my friend. Pleased you enjoyed the tips here today, it’s very important to pay extra attention to ‘triple checking’ everything before submitting, that alone can be the decider for an approved guest post. Have a great day Abhi :)

  2. Alex Sysoef says:

    On one of my blogs I accept the Guest Post and most common reason I reject them:

    * Failure to follow very simple guidelines provided
    * Irrelevant to my blog

    As long as people read guidelines, there are no rejections :-)

    • Hi Alex, great comment, yes I must agree with you I have the same problems at given times too, especially with posts that are completely irrelevant to my blog. I also get some posts that have a ton of irrelevant links in them which I think is quite a bit cheeky myself. Enjoy your day Alex and thanks for stopping by, chat soon mate.

    • I get irrelevant posts a lot too. I have a few marketing blogs and guest posters seem to think that “marketing” means “finance” or “credit cards”.

  3. Hi, thank you very much for sharing your experience. It’s very useful for me because I usually post as a guest.

    In my experience, another reason is the guest ask too much. Sometime I asked too detail about the problem, and it seems it makes the owner uncomfortable, so they rejected my post.

    • Hey Jame, thanks for sharing your experience here too my friend. I think guidelines should be written so that it is easy for guest writers to understand without too many complications. As a guest writer myself I usually avoid the blogs that ask for an arm and a leg.

  4. Nice points Fabrizio,

    The purpose of any blog is to offer some kind of assistance so that it’s readers can take benefit of it. So if you guest post is offering some help or assistance with easy language then nobody likes to reject it.

    • Thank you Ravi, you made a great point observation. Guest posts should offer a unique story or outline a problem and a solution, in a universal language that everyone can read. I try and avoid too many complicated words and phrases myself when I’m guest posting. Thanks for stopping by Ravi.

  5. Very well said, too much promotion, not following guidelines, lame post etc are the common factors to avoid in guest posting. We should think that we are writing with a purpose, and that must be to share valuable information, provide solution and be able to connect with the audience. Great read indeed, thanks!

  6. I agree with everything you said. I specially like your statement on too much self-promotion.

  7. Hi Fabrizio,
    These are some really good points. And I so agree with you on the grammar, spelling and format. They are small things but they can be so annoying. They really do take away from your article and content. Also, as far as responding to comments. I think that is so important. And if is the quickest way to begin building relationships. Excellent article.

    • Hi Ann, I’m pleased you enjoyed reading my post today. You know something, I could write a whole post on the spelling and grammar issue.

      The amounts of blog’s that I’ve read that make little effort to correct this issue are uncountable. For me the moment I see a spelling error or a type-o… I begin to take that blog less seriously; I’ve always been like that.

      I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I’m sure I’ve made a few errors myself in posts, but I do hope my reader will point them out for me :) . You’re also right on the response to comments; it’s all about building relationships. I’ve always said that not replying to comments is like going to a workplace everyday and not acknowledging anyone :)

      • Hi Fabrizio,
        Exactly on both counts. I used to always read everything that I wrote backwards trying to catch all of the mistakes! But the spell check really does help so much. Do people just not use it, or what??? I read a lot of your work and you do a great job. And the no response to comments – it’s like you really don’t matter to me!! Keep up the great posts.

  8. Fabrizio,

    I tried guest posting before but my 3 articles sent to the admin of a particular blog, rejected them. And the reason is the number 2 of your list: The grammar. Well, I admit that I not really good in English writing…

    Up to the time of writing this comment, I am still in the process of enhancing my writing skills. I actually find it hard making an article promote conversation (number 4 in your list).

    Anyway, thank you so much for this list. This will serve as my guide.

    • Hi Sustines, thanks for stopping by and a warm welcome :) Point number 2 is very important and as I said to Ann@Dept Settlement I could write a whole article about the importance of double checking spelling and grammatical errors before hitting that old publish button.

      But… a big old but there…

      I for one 100% understand that not everyone will have perfect English writing skills, and neither do I expect them to have when they’re pitching guest posts to me personally.

      If the content is unique, resourceful and valuable but contains a handful of spelling and grammatical errors, I’ll actually make a lot of adjustments myself and make the post better and then approve them.

      Every one deserves a chance to be heard and I believe that admins should do this more often rather than just reject posts based on spelling and grammatical errors alone. Have a great day Sustines and I hope you have better luck with guest posting in the future :)

  9. writing an irrelevant blog post is definitely the most ‘popular’ refuse and it seems fair enough as long as we respect the blog we have chosen to write for. Not writing for the audience is a prove of non-professionalism and selfishness. I always try to think about that blog like an important one, interested to achieve its target and not to lose it, just like I am thinking on my own blog.

  10. Hello ,
    You have mentioned all the valid points and it is right, one of the basic reason for getting rejected is too much self-promotion.
    While guest posting, bloggers need to understand that if they are providing quality content and useful information, visitors would like to follow them and in this way they will get promotion automatically.So it is better to concentrate on providing useful information.

  11. These are good tips indeed. For anyone considering Guest Posting I would recommend they spend a lot of time comment posting first off…. In my opinion, if you can consistently leave relevant comments that add to the overall discussion, then this is good “practice” and a good indication on how well-accepted your guest blog posts might be. It would be interesting to compare the reject rate of the comments left by those frequently-rejected guest posters… wouldn’t you think?

  12. Missing edits, lame topics, boring content and not following the policy are common factors that makes guest posting rejected. Posting is not about getting backlinks or dropping links, I think it;s more likely to share valuable content, be able to connect to a broader world of writing, and somehow build relationship to people and your audience. Great read! I might say that research is one of the key to succeed in guest posting.

    • Absolutely Alison, one of the things I find is that quite a few guest writers submitting posts and link dropping… it is something that disheartens me sometimes, even though I’ve made it clear that links should stay in author boxes lol :)

      Glad you enjoyed the read Alison, have a great day :)

    • I agree to you Alison, guest posting is not only for dropping links but also for connecting with people by giving them a post that worth their time reading.

      @Fab, it’s nice of you to consider such type of guest posters. Hope your patience will remain, lol. thanks for the article. It caught my attention.

  13. I usually reject guest posts when people sumbit irrelevant content just to get some juice from my site. I dont like it… guys use this service for fair purpose not to get some response from google…

  14. my post usually rejected because of inadequate content and data are not valid

  15. This was really an interesting article. Well all know that guest blogging is really cool and has a lot of advantages. The first reason your guest post might be rejected is that you are loading your guest post with keywords and links. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Its a good reminder to adhere to the guest post guidelines. Also, I think the point is often missed when submitting an article as a guest post. Your submission shouldn’t be completly self-serving, ie. just for back links and link juice. Guest posting broadens your community outreach, gets you involved, and creates better brand awareness. If people go into it with with this points in mind, the will probably create more interesting, relevent content that everyone is interested in reading and commenting on.

  17. Hi Fabrizio I just want to say thank you very for the excellent and quite helpful post. Because last time I surprised when one of my guest post got rejected, I will definitely review my post by keeping in mind your tips. Thanks a ton, I look forward to see some more helpful posts from you.

  18. Yes, definitely. I think one mistake many people make is not reading enough of the previous posts and comments on that blog in order to get to know the audience they are writing for, and the style that they should be using.

    • This is a big one for me. Many guest bloggers simply jump in with their articles and do not make the effort to read the previous posts and understand the tone and style of the blog. Sure, it takes time, but the blog owner will appreciate it and your chances of getting accepted will be much higher.

  19. Hi Fabrizio, you give a great lesson to those spam posters. Great post!

  20. Victoria Battle says:

    I love guest posting. I always ensure that I read the guidelines. I feel other things are just basic. You need to have a good draft without any spelling and grammar mistakes. Before submitting the post, I believe that every writer must read the post and critically judge and ask themselves “Would I accept this copy and let it publish on my blog, if someone else must have submitted it?”

  21. I have just submitted my first guest blog post and got it rejected. The owner of that blog said that I’m almost there, but that I hadn’t told the article with my personal experience and that I needed to make an old subject new with my personality. So I took her advice, edited it and submitted it again. She just got back to me and said that the edits I made were excellent and she will publish my post! So this goes to show you that even if you do get rejected, you can still get it published. The key is not to let your ego get in the way of trying again.

    • Hey Leon thanks for sharing your experience and what a great piece of advice too, you’re absolutely right, rejection doesn’t mean that your post will never get published, generally if small changes are needed the authors will hopefully guide you in the right direction to get your post published.

  22. very well written Fabrizio, this is great piece of advice, I was thinking of doing some guest blog posts for some friends and this is a really great collection of tips to make your efforts count. I think the key here is writing from the heart. If you are just writing for the sake of it, then you shouldn’t expect the results. Keep up the great work.

  23. I have written 2 guest posts from which one got approval and the other – rejected! And so, I was searching for that and landed up here. I am glad that I got to know some very useful information about. Appreciate your efforts.

  24. Hey Fab,

    I don’t like to see if a copy (be it a guest post or normal one)

    Don’t have catchy title (it should attract everyone)
    Don’t have a personal touch
    Has worst crafting
    Uses large blocks of content (online readers prefer reading short para’s)
    Don’t have a CTA at the end

    And any post should add EXTRA value either by adding a new tips or by writing in a mesmerizing way :)

    Great post!

  25. Does it possible to modify the Guest Post and need to make sure that content is unique ! …… Hey any way i am looking for 5000th Comment on u r blog soon !

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