3 Common Email Marketing Questions Answered

Hey everyone and welcome to the 655th post on Magnet4Marketing and today we’re going to be talking email marketing, and in particular I want to provide some practical answers to three common email marketing questions.

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What’s the most important structural part of an email marketing campaign?

When thinking about your next email marketing campaign, many people think about what they’re going to add in the content of their email. Whilst this is an important area in creating an effective email marketing campaign, it’s actually the subject line that’s the most crucial part, and here’s why.

When people receive your email in their inbox the first thing they’re going to see logically is your subject or headline title, so this needs to be compelling and attention grabbing. Depending on what the content of your email is about, when creating an email marketing campaign, ensure you take time out to create a catchy, attention grabbing headline, but take care not to make it appear spammy.

To get an idea of what you could use to grab the attention of your email readers, study what other big companies are doing. Signup to their email updates and when you receive them, study the subject lines to see what structure they have in correspondent to the content of those emails.

Remember what ever you do; ensure that your titles are relevant to the content of your emails… there is nothing worst than using titles that have no relevancy to the content of an email. This won’t just annoy your subscribers, but could potentially affect any future email marketing campaigns you send out.

What’s the best way to get your email marketing campaigns to go viral?

Ok this is quite a broad question in itself so I’ll try and be more specific, as there are many ways and furthermore many more factors that can help to make your email marketing campaign to go viral.

For me it’s the type of content in your email that can help make your email marketing campaign go viral. If your content is resourceful, relevant and is in the ‘now’, then I think your email has every potentially to go viral. News type related content has a lot more potential to go viral than any other types of content because people love sharing news related content.

Anyways, regardless of the type of content, there are also other things you can do to encourage your emails to spread virally; adding social sharing and bookmarking buttons, adding a ‘forward to a friend’ feature and also by creating an online version of your email.

What’s the best way to build an email list?

Well that is the mother of all email marketing questions right? And I think what’s best for me to do right now is to recommend a recent post which I wrote a few weeks ago titled ‘How to Build an Email List for your Blog’. There are some top tips in there that can really answer this question for you, and help you build a list for your online business as well as your blog.

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  1. Really needed help with my email marketing Fabrizio so thanks for this.

  2. These three questions are really asked and i am sure that these three are also the most common yet very important questions that must be answered accordingly. Good thing you have provided us relevant answers to those three questions. This really helps a lot.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. You’ve shared so much insight and information that is greatly appreciated. The success of Email Marketing Campaigns is oft debated but we can understand the success of Email Marketing with the cost of sending bulk Emails vis-à-vis calling hundreds of customers to market your product. The internet and E-Commerce have ensured the success of Email Marketing Campaign since not only promotions but also selling can take place online. The cost effectiveness of Email Marketing is the one that makes Email Marketing a successful marketing tool.
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    Patrick Long recently posted…Pay Per Click AdvertisingMy Profile

  4. And one of the most-most popular questions is “How can easily earn money with the help of e-mail marketing in no time?”….))

  5. Hi Fabrizio,
    These are awesome tips on structuring your email and then going viral. I also read your article about building the email list. An email campaign is one of the most important advertising tools that we have available to us like you said. You really want to write a fantastic email with a crowd drawing title (subject). So much pressure!

  6. I’ve never had much luck with email campaigns. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with me, but generally I prefer the direct mail or telemarketing route, especially when I’m trying to drive business for offline companies. What kind of success are you seeing?
    Henry G. recently posted…Dating Advice that Works!My Profile

    • Hi Henry, thanks for stopping by the blog and welcome :) I’m all for offline and direct marketing for my other businesses that rely heavily on offline marketing so I’m with you on that one. For my blogging business I obviously prefer email marketing as I can successfully share content, ideas and new products directly rather than wait for them to come and check out what’s new on my website. I’ve had great success in increased conversions on affiliate products via email marketing.

      • Thank you for answering to Henry in detail because I wanted to ask, as well, what you use email marketing for most of the time, and whether you used other methods, too. For blogging, emails do sound the most logical way to attract attention, emails and social media. But I suppose social media is tackled in other posts of yours. Congratulations on your successful blog, and thank you for sharing all of this valuable information with us!
        Best regards, Leonard

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