How I Got Top of Google for the Key Phrase ‘Blog Traffic Tips’

One of the things I’ve been working on these last couple of months is trying to rank high for several keywords, one particular key phrase being blog traffic tips, and having checked this weeks rankings, I’m pleased to report that I haven’t only just been able to rank higher than I aimed for, but we’re practically top of Google for this particular key-phrase; Another piece of solid proof that SEO really does produce results…

Blog Traffic Tips search phrase

Top of Google search for blog traffic tips, the web

Blog Traffic Tips search phrase

Top of Google search for blog traffic tips, UK search

So today I want to share with you just a couple of the things that I did to achieve a high ranking for blog traffic tips.


The first important process was content creation. I created several pieces of unique content for both my landing page and for several blog posts and articles. The posts I published on various blogging sites including one on my own blog here at Magnet4Marketing.

Each piece of content I created focused in and around the topic of increasing traffic to your blog, and contained the keyword blog traffic tips.


Secondly I paid special attention to on-page SEO for all the articles I created, as well as paid special attention to the landing page’s SEO. For the articles, I used a unique bio for each one, and included an anchor-text link back to the landing page itself; the anchor text link used was of course blog traffic tips.


I then created two short tutorial videos and uploaded them onto YouTube. Each video was related to building traffic to your blog and therefore I used this key-phrase also in the title and the description as well as tags. Although the links from YouTube are generally no-follow, it was essential as I benefited from the referral traffic in any case.


I then ran a search for several quality posts and articles on the web related to website traffic, blog traffic etc, and left comments on those posts adding a link back to the landing page.

I was also able to use Fabrizio@Blog Traffic Tips as my name on KeywordLuv enabled dofollow blogs which proved extremely beneficial.

In the forums I used an anchor-text link again as my forum signature, along with a short description. I made an effort to visit the forums every other day to actively engage on some of the posts and activities as well.

So I continued to do these simple marketing methods for several months, well I actually started in early December of last year, checking each week to see where I ranked for blog traffic tips. And we are pleased to report of the result for getting to the top of Google for this search phrase… Happy days. I Just thought it would be nice to share it with you.

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  1. Congratulation mate. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips. I will now try to target some keywords and work for a month or two.

  2. Thank you so much for the share. you have great tips and I reckon when tried it can be success too for other people

  3. Backlinking is a very popular and useful way to promote your blog.

  4. thats why i love following your blog , you always compare statistic of your blog not some crap :) really like your monthly reports on earnings (y)

  5. Good set of tips with an actual result to show for it.

  6. ah i guess it was really tricky to play.and i wish i can make it now.thanks for the tips.

  7. Hey Fabrizio, congratulations for the nice achievement. I’ve read some of your posts and let me tell you I like them very much. It’s nice to see top quality sites ranking #1 in Google. Keep the good job and your earnings will be much higher in the forthcoming months, I’m sure.

  8. Hello Fabrizio,

    I am glad that you successfully ranked well your blog in your target search-keyword. It’s a good news considering that many are complaining that they found it hard to rank well in Google search result after the Panda updates. Your success really inspires me.

    Thanks for revealing what you did. I can make use of those tips..

    • Hello Sustines, I think you’re right, there are a lot of people complaining about how hard it is to rank for keywords in the search engines; I know a few companies that I work with that complain about how everybody’s doing SEO and rather waste money on infinite PPC campaigns. It can be done with some planning and consistent hard work.

      More over, I’m absolutely honoured that I inspire you… that means more to me than you’ll know so thank you, I hope to continue sharing my small steps to success and how others can do the same in the future. See you soon :)

  9. Great post! I always like to see actual results when reading about how to’s on SERP’s.

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