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Guest Posting on Magnet4Marketing - First of all I just want to say the biggest thank you ever and how overwhelmed I am to the number of guest posts we receive daily from you guys, and of course the more the merrier… But unfortunately we’ve also have to reject many of them as well for several reasons…

As the result of large number of rejections, below you will find our new guest posting guideline for 2012, but we’ve now created a whole new set of guidelines for guest posting on magnet4marketing.net

First of all though, if you are not already guest writing for us, then why not? OK here are some reminders and benefits as to why you should be.

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1. We love promoting other bloggers, and every two weeks we add 2 guest posts of the month and a link to their blog in our email newsletter. Currently we have close to 700 email subscribers and are attracting between 50 and 70 new email subscribers a month…

2. You get 2 dofollow links back to your blog or landing page.

3. You benefit from great referral traffic. Our blog currently receives good levels of steady traffic and it’s continuously growing… Guest writing for us is a great way to get some of that traffic back to your own blog.

4. We are an engaging blog.

5. We have a Google Pagerank of 3.

6. We have a total of 15,000 subscribers combined (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Bloggers.com, StumbleUpon, RSS and email)

7. Our Alexa ranking is less than 50K

8. We are a CommentLuv blog…

9. We welcome a wide range of topics related to online marketing, small business marketing, blogging tips, blog traffic tips, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and making money online. We also love to talk about the latest in internet technology…

New Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. Submit only unique content that you have created yourself.
  2. Please write with our reader’s interest in mind.
  3. Ensure that your guest posts are exclusive for our blog and has not been published elsewhere.
  4. Once your post has been published, please ensure that you reply to comments promptly .
  5. Guest posts from companies looking to self-promote are no longer accepted. In general we won’t publish any posts that appear to be self-promotional from bloggers either, unless it offers something useful that our readers can take away.
  6. Your post must be of 400 words or more…
  7. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors before posting
  8. Please ensure you have proof read your post and that it is readable by a wide audience before submitting
  9. Affiliate links in body of content is not allowed
  10. Links to none related or none resourceful sites are not allowed. Please be sure you understand this fully as we do receive some guest posts containing links to sites that has no affiliation with our niche, or serves any value to our readers whatsoever.
  11. Please don’t upload or add any images to your guest posts as we will add them later. You are welcome to submit your images for inclusion however by email at blog[at]magnet4marketing.com

Thanks folks I hope our new guidelines won’t put you off guest posting for us and if you’re not yet on board and want to guest write, please send me your bio and details and I’ll set you up a contributor account.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or place them in the comment section below.

Regards – Fabrizio Van Marciano

Chief Editor


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  1. Thanks for updating the new guidelines. It’s good to see that you have enabled CommentLuv plugin.

    Good luck

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  3. Well, I also like the fact that CommentLuv is now available on your site. I find it much useful

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