How Will The New Google Page Layout Algo Affect your AdSense Earnings

New Google Page Layout Algo - By now you will have probably heard that Google has placed themselves back in the limelight again this week, and this time they have released a new Google page layout algorithm update, that’s set to immediately affect websites that offer poor levels of content in comparison to the number of advertisements that appear above the fold.

Just when you thought you were getting over the recent Google updates we now have another one to contend with…

So will this new Google page layout affect your Google AdSense earnings or any other ad CTR, IF your site or blog becomes affected by it?

To find out, Google has also released a nifty tool which serves as an indicator to see whether your blog or website has sufficient content above the fold in various browser window sizes. You can check your site using this tool here:

Ad Placements

Ironically whilst Google are now penalizing sites or blog’s that are top heavy with ads, as most AdSense publishers will be aware, Google also often encourages its publishers to place ads above the fold for better CTR and earnings

Regardless of how ironic this may sound for now… the new Google page layout algorithm can affect your site and of course your earnings, if you’re forced to have to move your current ad placements around… at least that’s what I believe.

So if your site becomes affected or suddenly drops in traffic you may well have been affected by the Google page layout update, just check the following…

  • You don’t have a string of ads (including AdSense) above the fold that force your visitors to scroll down to view content… Google says that this doesn’t provide good user experience.

Testing Google Page Layout…

I did a page test for a couple of posts on my blog, one of them containing a 336×280 ad block.

The ad is placed at the top of the post above the fold, before any content is visible, and the test showed that the page fell short of the 70% mark, meaning that around 30% people visiting this page will see ads first… So they are forced to scroll down to view content. This had to be changed… See photo below.

google page layout

In a second page test I used a 468×60 ad block. Again the ad is placed before the content at the top of the post, and this time only a small portion of content was visible above the 70% threshold… still not that great, see image below. I have several other ad types also above the fold.

google page layout

So, so far this meant that any AdSense or any other advertisement blocks showing before content above the fold is a no…

Google says that ‘people want to land on a page and see content immediately, and do not want to have to scroll down to read content…’

How lazy have we become if we can’t scroll down a few times…

Google also says that they have brought this new page layout algo into force for all the right reasons, to target sites that don’t offer much relevant content above the fold and that are top heavy with ads forcing users to scroll down to view content.


I seriously don’t think any page with mild advertisements including Google AdSense ads will be affected all that much… Providing you have built a good content rich page.

How can you make your page layout more Google friendly?

In any case for now I wouldn’t do anything but just see what happens. As I mentioned if you have a sudden drop in traffic, only then should you take action…

If you want to keep earning money from your AdSense ads, keep them where they are and maybe eliminate some of the other ads that show above the fold, if you have quite a few of them.

Some publishers place large ads at the top before the header which pushes the page down further beyond the thresholds… some people place ad blocks in the body of content itself, which many believe is bad practice… let me know your thoughts on that one…

Your Say

Do you publish AdSense ads on your blog amongst lots of other monetization and affiliate ads above the fold? And if so what are your thoughts on the new Google page layout algorithm. Would you be willing to remove all the other ads and just have your AdSense ads showing or vice versa? Add your comments below.

  • Eric

    I’m always use left sidebar wp themes for my adsense niche sites, so my ads is always have a nice placement and CTR.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Eric thanks for stopping by. I also use the adsense unit in the top sidebar, it is a prime location for good CTR I agree.

  • Samantha Wright

    I think Google wanted to tackle sites that had too many ads above the fold for years, people have complained about being misled by clicking onto irrelevant ads. This new algo is needed but I’m not too sure how Adsense publishers will get around the new updates if their sites get axed by Google…

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You’re absolutely right Samantha :)

  • Rahul Mehta

    I agree with samantha . lots of bloggers are showing ads above their content . so in a way visitor are being misleaded to other non-relavant content by clicking on ads . so this new algo going to be helpful to all the visitors .

  • BuySellWordpress

    I have already visited this site and checked my own with the help of it. That’s very kind of you to give such important advice about making page layout more Google friendly) Hope that everyone will follow it

  • VRO Hall Ticket

    Got confused by seeing my webpage through Google Browser size tool…This article cleared my problem. Thanks a lot mate for helping me …

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      You’re welcome VRO, it’s a useful tool to bookmark for future reference.

  • Eldorado

    A little confusing on what is going to happen but I think it will be for the best. Just have to play around with it and make it work. Thanks for the heads up and explanation.

  • Gaijin

    Well, I think you’re pretty safe if you built your page ethically in the first place. That change was mostly a charge against heavy spammers, which I believe is good.

  • saad naeem

    great tips!!! and loved the way way how you compare it your blog :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks Saad, great to see you here again :)

  • saad naeem

    no problem man , any thing you need just halla back :)