How Much Traffic Do I Need to Make More Money from My Blog?

When is it the right time to start making more money from blogging? Or more appropriately, how much traffic do I need to make more money from my blog… This is one of the questions I get emailed to me frequently from newbies.

I don’t think that there is an honest answer to this question or a complete solution unfortunately; to make money from your blog heavily depends on several other factors.

  • Niche type and saturation
  • Quality of your content
  • How user friendly your blog is
  • How targeted your traffic is
  • The effectiveness of your marketing strategies

For example, let’s say your blog is getting 20k visitors a month, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to make a thousand bucks a month from it as well. I think there is a lot of misconception about more traffic equals more sales. If you are making huge profits from small traffic then read no more… you’re obviously doing something right.

So how much traffic do I need then…?

Ok, if your blog is making a little bit of money from what ever level of traffic you’re getting, try and work out your current conversion rates. To save you some time, take a look at the examples below on how to work out your blog’s conversion rate.

Working out your sales to visitor conversion percentage –

This will give you the figure of how many sales your blog is making for every X amount of visitors to your blog.

100 divided by unique visitors times by number of sales transactions =

Working out your page views conversion rate –

This will give you the figure of how much revenue your blog is generating per page view.

100 divided by page views times by total revenue

The real question is… how do I increase my blog’s conversion rate?

Once you’ve worked out your conversion rates, you can then begin to look at ways to increase it.

Now which would be the easiest method to do this, do you increase traffic to your blog, or keep your existing traffic and improve the usability of your blog?

To increase traffic to your blog check out our 101 blog traffic tips here, but essentially we all know that increasing or building new traffic can be a bit of a challenge. So let’s look at ways to improve your blog to increase your conversion rate based on your current traffic statistics.

Let’s look at -

  • Design & Layout
  • Performance
  • Use of Competitive Offers
  • Use of Unique Selling Points
  • Reputation

Design & Layout

Ask yourself this, does the design and layout of your blog attract or put off visitors from making a purchase, i.e. are there any distractions, similar or competitive products and services on the same page as the page of your promotions, is your blog easy to navigate around, is the colour and contrast of your blog easy on the eyes, are the text and headline fonts big enough and clear enough to read? This list has not been exhausted…


The performance of your blog i.e. page loading time can also put off visitors from making a purchase. If your product review pages or home page takes forever to load, visitors will simply get board and click away, and over time you’ll lose out on an immense amount of sales potential.

Use of Competitive Offers

To make the most of affiliate offers and promotions you need to ensure that you’re the first one to get them published on your blog, or at least offer something unique that none of your other competitors are offering. Make your offers attractive and effectively market your promotions from the moment you launch them.

Use of Unique Selling Points

What about your reviews of products and services you are promoting and selling on your blog, are you making good use of their unique selling points. Why should your visitors think about purchasing, other than the fact that you think it’s a great product?


Let’s talk about reputation, it’s important to build a great reputation for being recognized as the blog owner who promotes and sells products that readers find useful. As well as this it is also essential to look into the credibility of the products or services you’re selling as well.

So there you have it people, it’s not about how much traffic you need to make more money from blogging, you could easily make a substantial amount of money from your blog with just 10k or 20k visitors a month, you just need to learn how to make effective use of that traffic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions on the points above, leave me your comments below as always.

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  1. Fabrizio,

    I agree. Conversion is the key to making money on a blog more than raw traffic.

    An important note, though, is for the brand new person starting should never plan to monetize “someday”

    It is great not to monetize at first…ntohing wrong with that. But your blog should have a goal and a plan, and if making money from it is part of your plan it is important to have an idea exactly how and when you are going to do that from before you write word 1.

  2. True Targeted Audience is must not just more of audience…

  3. I found this Blog so helpful and very informative very easy to understand and a great writing skills.

    Thanks For Sharing

  4. I have my blog now for 2 week. So far I have about 800 visitors in total, but it seems very hard for me to make a buck out of the Google AdSense. How long should I wait?

    • You need to work on getting traffic to your blog Villy, and the best way to do that is to create good content. Even with 1,000 daily PV’s you could still only make a few dollars each day, but it depends on your niche also, and the placements of your ads. But work on creating content and building traffic and the AdSense income will trickle through.

  5. It is true that when you get a sustancial traffic to your blog, it is your duty to develop it or improve it in a profitable way to boost your conversions.

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