Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That You shouldn’t be making

Lots of bloggers and website owners are involved in affiliate marketing to make money online, because they believe that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making money on the internet. In many ways affiliate marketing is one of easiest ways to make money online, but for those people who put the time, effort and hard word into the challenges that affiliate marketing brings before reaping the rewards.

make mistakes

With an affiliate marketing program, it is so easy to join, implement and start to see it paying commissions on regular basis, so more and more people are becoming part of affiliate marketing race. However, we all know that every business has it’s pitfalls that can quickly trample your chances of making the profits you want. Much the same with affiliate marketing that has it’s own pitfalls which you should keep in mind.

Product Selection:

One of the common affiliate marketing mistakes that almost every affiliate marketer makes is selecting the wrong products, because they are in such a hurry to earn the money, so they choose the most popular buzzing products in the industry without thinking a great deal about it… And do you know what they end up making? Nothing…

So always think before you select any affiliate products to promote, make sure that the products you select is related to your website niche, and that your readers will find them interesting and useful, because for example, it would be useless to promote a mango in front of an audience who are interested in Apple

Product Promotion:

The second common mistake that almost every affiliate marketer makes is that they promote their affiliate products in the wrong manner.  First and foremost affiliate marketing has to do with promotion, and promotion is completely dedicated to driving traffic to your site. So try to always drive tightly targeted traffic to your site if you want to achieve real sales, because again, it would be useless to try and drive people to your site who is not interested in what you have to offer.

In affiliate marketing, interest is the key of achieving more sales; if people have their interest in your affiliate products then they’re definitely going to give a try. So if you really want to grow your affiliate commission tree then make sure you put your affiliate products in front of right people.

Number of Ads:

The other very common affiliate marketing mistake that almost all affiliate marketer makes or repeats over again, is the number of ads that they serve on their website. Lots of affiliate marketers get the wrong impression from somewhere that if they a have high number of ads showing on their website, then visitors are going to at least click on a single one… and because of this impression, they fill their whole website with so many ads that visitors get overwhelmed by all the ads, and end up on shutting your website without purchasing anything or browsing further.


If you are promoting affiliate products through your website or blog, then make sure that you have well written content for the affiliate products you’re promoting – Because it’s important to keep buyers aware of the products features and advantages, and a well written content can help them become aware of that.

Promoting Affiliate Products without Any Info:

This affiliate marketing mistake normally gets repeated by almost every affiliate marketer out there. They select a very relevant product to their website and start promoting the product without collecting enough information and data about the product itself that they are promoting. Simply because if you don’t have enough and correct information about any of the products you want to promote, then you will not be able to answer the queries of your readers and future buyers related to your product… You can’t shoot a gun until you know how to use it…

So there you have it, my list of affiliate marketing mistakes and pitfalls, if you have any of your own to add to the list, please do so in the comment section below.

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  • Beach club hallandale

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online but as you say, most of the marketeers are after fast money and instead tries to market a product in which one is not too well versed. I agree with the points shared on how to select a product.

  • John@Beginner Guitar Lessons

    Hey Romy,

    I think promoting their affiliate products in the wrong manner is the biggest problem most affiliate marketers face, especially when they’re just starting out. I agree with your point to try and drive tightly targeted traffic to your site. Putting the products you’re promoting in front of the right people is definitely the key to a successful affiliate campaign. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wade | Wellness

    Great post. I agree that too many people are after the money and they do not pay attention to the product that they are trying to market. It is always about the product.

  • Rinku

    Nice tips for marketing.Thank you for sharing nice information.