Maximize Your Blog Readership with Better Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be a seductively new and inherently sexy blog promotion tool—that would be social media. Nevertheless, in the right hands it’s hard to beat email marketing for sheer effectiveness. But making sure your email marketing efforts help your blog promotion requires you to use some common sense. These may be simple tactics, but you’d be surprised how frequently smart people get it wrong. It all starts with good manners.

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Use Some Tact

When readers subscribe to emails, it represents an underlying gesture of good faith that you’re not going to abuse the privilege. There’s nothing to gain from it anyway. When your emails start resembling spam in terms of quality, readers will unsubscribe faster than you can imagine. When that happens, you lose an email marketing opportunity and a reader in one fell swoop. Making sure your emails are valuable is a good way to begin ratcheting up your campaign.

More Isn’t Necessarily Better

Sending spammy emails isn’t the only common mistake bloggers make. It’s understandable, though. You actually have people who read your blog and are interested enough to voluntarily sign up to receive email updates. That’s great. But bloggers often fall prey to sending emails too frequently. Don’t do it. When people open their email accounts and face a constant barrage of your emails, you’ve entered the danger zone. It doesn’t matter how high quality those emails are, either. Frequency can be just as much of a turnoff as poorly composed, low quality emails. This is not a situation where if less is good, more is better. Exercise some restraint.

Infrequency is Your Friend

Retailers with really effective email marketing campaigns intuitively understand this. The marketing emails that I actually like to receive only show up in my inbox about twice a week. When I start getting barraged with emails from retailers, the fact that they have great offers on excellent merchandise becomes irrelevant. Even if they have ridiculously good deals, twice-daily emails are going to result in me unsubscribing quickly. It’s the same with your blog readers. It doesn’t matter how awesome and earth shattering your blog posts are. If you abuse email frequency norms with them, they’ll unsubscribe.

Give Readers Value

Banana Republic is a good example of a company that uses great email marketing tactics. To be honest, I normally wouldn’t buy a lot of their merchandise. I’ve got too many financial obligations to be splurging on clothing all the time. They send me few emails. But when I get one I open it immediately. And when they send me an email, it often results in a purchase. They let me know that a product I like is available at a steeply reduced price. I never get emails from them that offer little value. That’s the way your blog readers should feel about your emails.

A good way to give your readers value is to write blog posts about timely topics in a series. That way you’re not blasting them with an email every day. You can send them an email on a Monday morning advising them of the great series you’ll have going up during the course of a week. That will make them look forward to your emails with anticipation. And in turn, that results in maximizing your blog readership. Email marketing may not share the same cache as social media, but it can be an extremely effective tactic when used correctly.

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About Jesse Langley

Jesse Langley, a resident of Indianapolis, is a freelance writer, a former teacher, avid cook, and a marketing enthusiast. I advise anyone interested in marketing to look into an email marketing campaign to figure out the best path for you.


  1. Thank you for listing the things that should and shouldn’t do, I am learning how to do email marketing and such. Kinda hard and time consuming though :)

  2. Hello Jesse,

    Very informative post about how to harness the power of email marketing to increase your blog readership. studies has been shown that after SEO , Email marketing is most effective tactic to gain readership and exposure. so it’s become very important everybody to polish there email marketing skills to make it more grabbing and powerful, and your post is here to help us. so once again thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us….

  3. Hey Jesse,

    Email marketing is something I’ve just started to get involved with so I need all the help I can get. I think the biggest advice you gave here is to give readers value. I know I don’t like to recieve emails that are only promotional or trying to sell me something. I respond better to the emails that have some valuable information that I can use when I open it. I’m learning as I go when it comes to email marketing so I appreciate your tips.

  4. ghostfighter0506 says:

    Very informative post about how to harness the power of email marketing to increase your blog readership. Studies has been shown that after SEO , email marketing is most effective tactic to gain readership and exposure.

  5. Excellent tips! I have a great email marketing technique too, but it works only when you have readers on your list.You send you readers a small snippet
    of your blog post and say at the end of the email “to read more click here”, the link takes them to directly to your blog post.

    You will get your email list members to visit your blog more often and they have another opportunity to click on your ads or buy some of your products.What do you think of this idea?

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