Integrating Effective Email Marketing Into Social Media Success

It’s not hard to identify individual marketing tactics that are essential for effective marketing. Taking those tactics and successfully integrating them into an overall marketing strategy that works consistently isn’t always easy. But if you can consistently produce good content and harness the power of email marketing, you can leverage those marketing essentials into a social media presence that can boost your sales significantly

The Importance of Good Ideas

For online marketing, if you’ve finally jumped on the “Content is King” bandwagon, you’re on the right track. Good content by itself isn’t enough but it must function as the essential underpinning if you want to create buzz. The problem is, what constitutes good content? Just ensuring that your content is grammatically correct isn’t good enough. Your material has to be engaging and just regurgitating worn-out ideas in well-written language won’t work. Ideas matter. The best buzz is organically generated and thought leadership in your content is more likely to create it.

Email Marketing

It’s easy to get caught up in the social media frenzy and neglect email marketing. Email marketing may not be the sexiest marketing method but neglect it at your peril. If social media is marketing’s brand new palomino racehorse, email marketing is the older plodding plow horse that may look less appealing but always gets the job done. The fact is, email marketing works. If you can effectively target the demographic you’re after, email marketing can result in repeat purchases. I’ll admit I like Gap. I like Gap a lot. And if I had to estimate the number of Gap purchases I’ve made because of their email marketing I’d have to say it’s probably greater than eighty-five percent of my total Gap expenditures.

The brilliance of email marketing is in its simplicity. Gap doesn’t have to hard sell me on anything. I happen to already have a great fondness for their khakis. I, as a customer, facilitated their ability to market to me by signing up for their emails. I essentially did the work for them. All they have to do to induce me to purchase their products is send me an email letting me know they’re offering thirty percent discounts on the kind of items I typically purchase. That’s it. They’re able to leverage my brand loyalty with a simple automated email that requires virtually no manpower. Granted, email marketing isn’t generally going to be that easy. But if you ignore email marketing because you’ve been seduced by the sexiness of social media marketing, your business will suffer.

Get Smart With Social Media

If you’ve established effective email marketing tactics and haven’t jumped into the social media scene, think about integrating your email marketing into a social media presence. Social media marketing can create a snowball effect that not only sells to existing clients; it can also highly increase your brand’s visibility to potential clients. If you can leverage your good content and existing email marketing customer base to create Facebook advertising that existing consumers engage with and “like”, your status updates will show up in the newsfeeds of their Facebook friends. If done correctly this can create exponentially growing exposure that can in turn drive increased sales.

About Jesse Langley

Jesse Langley, a resident of Indianapolis, is a freelance writer, a former teacher, avid cook, and a marketing enthusiast. I advise anyone interested in marketing to look into an email marketing campaign to figure out the best path for you.


  1. Jesse! email marketing is of course an essence in the internet marketing industry but there are also some risks attached with it. when running email marketing campaign independently or with integration of social media networks, experts must take care of legal issues and spamming. it is because these two things some times damage the whole business effort and also it is unethical in many professional’s views.
    thanks for the though provoking article.

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