25 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Plus

By now most of you will have heard of or have laid eyes on Google’s new social media platform Google+. For those of you still in the dark about it all you can either grab your Google Plus invitation here, if you’d like to find out more check out our short review post here. OK in today’s post we’re taking a look at 25 things you can be doing with Google Plus, nothing too serious just a bit of a fun post.

1. Invite your friends

Google+ allows you to invite friends via email or via a link, you can send up to a maximum of 150 invites per user.

2. Automatically upload photos via your mobile

Download the app on your Smartphone and set the settings to automatically upload photos to your private vault in your Google Plus account. You can then choose what photo’s to share with whom later should you desire, this makes photo sharing a lot more fun and simpler.

You can now play games with your connections in Google Plus including my all time favorite ‘Angry Birds’ :)

4. Organise your connections in Google+ Circles

Organise your friends, families and business connections in separate circles; this is a unique feature in Google Plus giving you total control over what you share to whom. A privacy feature only idolized by Facebook.

5. Start a Hangout

Hangout is one of Google Pluses innovative features which allow you to have a multi-user live video conversation, it’s a great way to organize what’s happening over weekend or planning to meet. Businesses will find this feature very useful in time.

6. Update your stream

Just as you would update your status in Facebook you can update your stream with what ever you like on your G+ profile, and just to rub it into Facebook’s face, you can also choose who sees your status.

7. Engage with your connections

Engaging on Google Plus I personally find to be more proactive and productive than engaging on Facebook, but maybe that’s just me :) . The cool thing about leaving comments on posts etc, is that others are able to see which connections you have in common and instantly add that person to a circle there and then, without having to navigate away to that persons page.

8. Start a debate

Get an opinion, ask what others are doing over the weekend and share your thoughts and arguments with others, start a debate in your stream.

9. Upload a video using instant upload via your Android phone

If you love shooting videos on your Android then you can use the app for your smartphone to instantly upload videos to your Google Plus vault and edit and share it when ever you want to who ever you want.

10. Share content from the web using the G+1 button

The G+1 button is Google’s answer to the Facebook Like button and has proved to be a huge hit since its release. Content can be shared from the web using the G+1 button installed on many websites and blogs.

11. Write a killer ‘about’ page

The about section is your ultimate opportunity to market and promote yourself, especially if you’re using Google Plus for business marketing purposes. Write a unique about page using anchor text links to link keywords back to your site or blog and get even better search engine rankings in Google search.

12. Add your favourite links

Don’t forget to also add your favourite links from your site, blog, RSS feed, Twitter account, Facebook business page and more to your profile.

13. View your profile as anyone else on the web

Fancy checking out what your profile looks like to other users on the web? In your profile page you’ll notice a ‘view profile as’ link, click it and select view profile as anyone one the web.

14. Send an email to one of your connections

Need to contact just one connection, you can send and email using the ‘send email’ link located under your contact’s profile photo.

15. Update your tagline

Taglines are great for making others quickly aware of what it is you do and this is a great opportunity to use the tagline in your profile to give your profile a short description.

16. Change your profile photo

Tired of your old profile photo? Change it…

17. Make your profile visible in search

Making your profile visible in search can help others find you, which in turn can bring your more connections.

18. Manage your photos in scrapbook

Scrapbook is a unique way of showing off your latest photos in a clean, clutter free fashion.

19. Create a new photo album

Create a new photo album using uploaded images from your computer, your phone or iPad.

20. Add the G+ application in your emails using WiseStamp

WiseStamp is an email app that enables you to promote yourself using a personal message with your social profile links at the end of your emails. The G+ application can now be added to your email signature using WiseStamp.

21. +1 your favourite posts from your connections

Browse through the many posts and articles being shared by your connections and share the love with a +1. Very much like the ‘Like’ feature in Facebook only better.

22. Edit your notifications from your connections

You can also decide what notifications you receive from individual connections, again another unique privacy feature that gives you complete control over each and every user as to what you want them to see, and what you want to see yourself in Google Plus.

23. Search people to chat with

Fancy a chat, search for people in your circles to chat with.

24. Share a link

You can use your stream to share your favourite links with your connections.

25. Add your location in stream

You can also use your stream to add the location of where you are.

So there you have it, 25 cool things you can do with your Google Plus account, enjoy. If you have any further additions to add please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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Photo by Sean MacEntee

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