Video Marketing – Four Simple Yet Very Effective Points to Remember when Creating Videos

Slowly but surely, Internet is taking the place of Television as the primary medium where customers hover around to find some entertainment amongst the myriad of advertisements. Many people now choose to watch their favorite shows and programs on the internet in their own time and convenience, and with smartphones becoming more and more commonplace, we can expect more viewers turning to the internet instead of television.

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Internet used to be driven by text based content, but with faster internet connections, people will surely prefer to have more videos than text.

Video Marketing, Anybody?

Needless to say, video marketing is fast becoming an indispensable part of internet marketing. Business websites (or even blogs) are using videos to attract visitors, and why not? It happens to be the quickest and one of the most effective ways to get information across to the users. This is because users prefer to watch a 5 minute video over reading a 1000 words article or sales pitch.

As a matter of fact, I don’t really need to sell the idea of video marketing, as anybody who knows a thing or two about internet marketing knows the importance.

Despite the importance, businesses are not ready to spend a lot on internet videos as compared to TV ads (for obvious reasons). Besides, keeping in mind the limitations of internet, there are certain elements that you should remember when creating an online video marketing campaign for your business.

Keep It Short

When it comes to web surfers, the attention span is usually quite short, so any video that takes more than 1 – 2 minutes to grab the attention of the viewer, will fail to produce good enough results. Besides not all internet surfers have access to high speed internet connections, so you must keep those users in mind while deciding the length of your video. Long boring videos will irk the target users and they will click on the close icon before you can get to the point. What you need to do is to get straight on the main point, highlight the main points, and give out the link to the details page, so that interested users can get further information if they are interested.

Keep It Simple

Be it art or literature, philosophy or science, technology or electronics, business or relations, there’s one rule that will make it easier for you, and the rule is “Keep it Simple”. You should avoid using fancy words, technical jargon or complicated graphics, or even unnecessary music, in order to make it cool.

Keeping in mind the constraints on time (and drastically low patience level), its necessary that your videos must be short and simple. Simplicity, along with some wittiness is a surefire recipe for success. Besides, the entire point of using the videos is to make it simple of your target users; a complicated video will spoil the main purpose.

Keep it Focused

Television commercials history is full of ads that got very popular and still failed to increase the sales (in fact some ended up having a negative impact on sales). At times, in your bid to be creative, you might make the mistake of losing the focus. Not focusing on your target audience, or objectives can result in waste of time and resources.

Think Social

The efficacy of Internet videos has increased many times with the coming of social media like YouTube and Facebook (and now Google Plus). Thanks to these platforms, you can garner potential target audience and get desirable response for your video marketing. If you can produce some share-worthy videos, it will prove to be the ultimate boost to your business. Therefore, when creating videos, you’ve got to think social. Keep a tab on the social activity (online) of your targeted users and look out for the topics and videos which are usually shared, besides, there’s no harm in taking advantage of Internet Memes.

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