Quick Tips For Creating the Perfect Blog Post Every Time

What are the secrets to creating perfect blog posts every time or at least on a regular basis? secrets! Hmm let me think, oh yes there aren’t any secrets to creating awesomely perfect blog posts.  However, there some things you can do to make your posts almost perfect… Here are some suggested tips and tricks that might help you achieve just that.  The first golden rule of course is to create AWESOME CONTENT…

Perfect Blog Post

…and one – Create the most compelling post headline title and forget SEO.  You want to capture your audiences attention more than the search engines…

…and two – Captivate your audience within the first paragraph of your post.

…and three – Don’t use too many long winded technical words or phrases…

…and four – Keep it simple, keep it short, but not too short… 350 to 400 words will do it nicely.

…and five – Break up your content into readable paragraphs.  Ensure it all makes perfect sense.

…and six – Proof read and check for spelling, grammatical errors and type o’s.

…and seven – Add photos, graphics to add spice to your posts.

…and eight – Embed a video from YouTube that might be useful to your readers.

…and nine – Place suitable and resourceful internal links as well as external links.

…and ten – Use a really good SEO plugin

…and eleven – Encourage your readers to actively engage with you.

If you can add a twelfth or thirteenth tip to the list above, then please do so freely in the comments section below as always!  Now that you have these tips installed into your brain, go out there and write perfect blog posts for your blog.

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Hey everyone, I’m Fabrizio Van Marciano and I’m just a regular bloke, doing his thing in the expanding universe we call the blogosphere. I’m the founder and editor here at magnet4marketing.net. I'm also the author of 170 Blog Traffic Tips; a FREE guide I created to help you get tons of traffic to your blog.
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  1. Hi Fabrizio,
    great tips, there. I agree on the ‘forget SEO’ part. When I start to make blog, I choose the great theme first, just like I write a novel. And let my writing flowing like writing a story. In addition, I put some nice illustrations and pictures to emphasize the story in my blog.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Full Of Life Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Andrew thanks for stopping by man, glad you found the tips insightful. I think a lot of bloggers emphasize too much on ‘SEO’ when it comes to titling their posts and I do believe that one of the best ways to draw attention as you rightly say is to choose a great theme title, like a captivating title of a short story, thanks for your input.

  2. I am relatively new to this internet marketing thing and blogging but my mother was a creative writing teacher and I even had her for two years in a row in high school. I can add a no twelve to your list–write to please yourself and your reader will like what you have written.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey David, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, hope to see you here again soon :)

  3. In order to write an interesting and valuable blog post I begin to work on an idea first of all. When I know the topic I wait for a week to work on article structure. When I have a ready structure and know what to write about I begin to write an article.
    Terje Sannarnes recently posted..How Social Networks Can Change the Life on an Online EntrepreneurMy Profile

  4. When I read “forget SEO,” that made me cheer!

    Sometimes the heavy emphasis on SEO makes my head ache, and all the little ways to squeeze one more percent on a high SEO score makes me go cross-eyed. My best responses to posts I wrote were when I didn’t pay attention to SEO at all.

    Delena Silverfox recently posted..Zone Diet Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Thanks Delena and yes you’ve hit the nail right on the head so to speak ;) If you look at the press releases for example they have such great headers and compelling titles that ultimately make you want buy a copy let alone just reading it. I’d love to be able to bring that kind of conept into writing headers for blog posts too.

  5. Kevin Kimes says:

    Another item:
    Don’t be afraid to write about the same topics other people are writing about. It’s very unlikely that you’re writing about something totally original in the first place, so don’t use “soandso already posted about that” as an excuse not to write.

    But, here’s the key: Make it yours. Don’t spit back the same thing everyone else wrote about the topic. Give it your own perspective. Actually think about the topic and explore it’s ideas in your mind, then write about those thoughts. That’s what will make people want to read your blog, and get them to come back for more.

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