5 Tips To Staying Ahead Of Your Online Competitors

Are your online competitors saying something to you? Have you ever looked at your rankings and visitor count and thought to yourself geez what’s happened????  Well the answer is simple… YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!!

So often do we become wrapped up in our own businesses and ideas to remember to take a look at our online competitors and even who our future online competitors may be?  Here is my advice to you in five simple steps.

Determine Who Your Online Competitors Are?

Use search engines on your keywords and identify which five companies you see appearing ahead and below you, these are your key competitors as you need to know who causes a threat to your business.

Research Your Competitors!

Once you have identified your online competitors use a number of different tools available for free such as Alexa.com and other web comparison websites, look at their page ranking, visitor traffic and key words comparing them against yours. From this you need to determine if you have missed out on any keywords and also look at the results against one another and gauge where you need to improve and where you need to ensure you stay.

Look At Their Brand Image And Services!

Now it gets interesting, you need to visit their websites to look at how it is laid out and how they have branded their site. Write a list of positives and negatives and once you have done this ensure all the positives are implemented on your site and that your own site does not apply to the negatives.

Be Aware Of Their Pricing, Offers & Marketing Strategies!

This is something that you need to do on a weekly basis as offers can be changed all the time. Ensure you look at what their pricing strategies are doing and that you are competitive on not only pricing but also on offers, services and quality, give your customer the confidence that you will always be fair.

Don’t forget to look at their marketing strategies; e.g. e-newsletters, business directories, AdWords etc as it is important that you cover all the marketing channels, so you are not missing out on potential business.

U.S.P And Testimonials!

One thing that will make you unique to your market over your competitors is using testimonials (previous customers who will offer a quote), this will install confidence and give you an individual advantage based on your actual business over your competitors. Also try and have a unique selling point over them, such as an offer of buy 1 get 1 free, extra services that others don’t offer, anything that will make the prospect choose your business.

I have made it look simple as it really is, being ahead of your online competitors is about you being aware of a) who they are b) what they are doing c) ensuring you are better and more competitive then they are. It is about being organized and structured and this will help you stay on top of the game.  Good luck and get researching!!!

About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is the co-founder of Magnet4Marketing. She occasionally contributes a guest post to the blog, however her main roll is to manage the marketing and advertising side of the business in her spare time. She currently works at Mole Valley Forage Services as a direct sales manager. You can view Samantha's professional profile on LinkedIn.


  1. One of the reason why I keep on blogging, is the competitors itself..they do their best as they could. they write very good content. helpful and useful post. The greater the post the greater the comments they’ll had. That’s what I wanted to be the same as they are. thank you for sharing this, I will keep on mind this things up..God bless..

    • Samantha says:

      Thanks glad you found it interesting it is a task easily overlooked but vital to your online business, blogging success. keep researching and I hope to give you some more tips in the future.

      Sam :)

  2. Samantha , Thank you for your post on how to stay ahead of your online competitors. All the 5 tips are very useful. Keep up it up!

    • Hi Alex

      Thank you I try to keep it simple but if you ever need to know anything more in depth just let me know.


  3. great tips..v useful!!!

  4. Hi Samantha, those are excellent tips, and I will add them to my arsenal of knowledge.

  5. Research i would say is one key thing to do we must understand the strengths and weaknesses..

  6. great tips Samantha. these are really worthy tips. thanx for sharing with us

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