Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Tomorrow To Come!

I often hear those famous last words, no matter what it is anyone’s trying to do; if they can’t be bothered with doing it today they’ll do it tomorrow; I’ll wash the car tomorrow, I’ll wait until tomorrow to fix the computer, I haven’t got time to start reading that book today I’ll get to it tomorrow… guess what my friends, tomorrow never comes.

If this sound’s familiar then simply ask yourself this, why are you waiting for tomorrow?

If you’re waiting for tomorrow to get round to start planning your new business venture, then forget it! Forget the whole idea; you’ll never get to it. My advice is not to wait, start now! Drop what ever it is you’re doing and grab a coffee, pen and paper and start planning today. If you’re at work, make it happen in your lunch break.

“But I’m too busy, I’m tired! Why can’t I do it tomorrow?”

Here’s why…

1. The majority of people who wait for tomorrow never actually get to tomorrow; in other words they put it off for the next day, and the next, and the next and it never happens.

2. The sooner you start planning, the more inspired you’ll become to make a start on launching your ideas into action and getting your business off the ground.

3. Tomorrow won’t be any better than today to start planning your ideas surely!

4. Tomorrow might be the wrong time to start planning for your business ventures!

5. You wait until tomorrow to start planning, and someone else is for sure going to get there before you, don’t let that happen!

6. Tomorrow are for dreamers, and now are for dream chasers!

7. If you take action now, you’ll make tomorrow a lot easier on yourself!

8. There is no tomorrow!

The truth is we all know that tomorrow never comes and I for one hate the thought of having to wait to start on something new, particularly if I’m passionate about it. The moment I get inspired I want to start straight away, so take my advice don’t wait for tomorrow to come, start now!


About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is an exclusive guest writer for Magnet4Marketing. She was awarded 2007 MasterCard Business Woman of the Year and loves to share her insight into the world of online business marketing. Samantha is also a keen surf photographer and on the weekends can be found at her local beach break photographing surfers of all abilities. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.

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  1. Those that wait for tommorrow are procastinators who probably wont even still do what they have pushed to tommorrow when tommorrow comes….they are slow actors or perhaps need little more conviction to act but in my opinion The best time to act is always now….. *do it now or never*
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    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      True indeed, often you hear the phrase ‘we have all the time in the world’ but I beg to differ on that topic. If you’re passionate about what you really want to achieve then for sure start straight away.

  2. Thanks for your comment CWH, wise words to bare in mind certainly. I recently had a chat with a friend of mine who has been toying with the idea of starting an online business for almost 5 years to which she still hasn’t found the time to do it.

    Understandably we all have commitments in life which can sometimes prevent us from wanting to become committed elsewhere, i.e. with starting something a new career or a business even. The point is if you can’t find time now then as CWH rightly pointed out there will never be a ‘someday’, it really is now or never.

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