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This is a guest-post written and submitted by Sarkis Wilson. The post was published by site admin Fabrizio Van Marciano.

Having a blog portion in a business website is a tried and proven method of directing more traffic to web-based businesses. The business owner posts one or two paragraphs of issues relating to what a business is about and customers get to air their views on the same.

One can earn some money by owning/running a blog site where he/she promotes/advertises certain products. Blog websites need to be visible on the first pages of search engines for particular keywords in order for them to be profitable. We thus need search engine optimization – SEO services to make this a possibility. SEO bloggers can use a few techniques to keep their websites ever vibrant.

Typical SEO methods used for blogs include linking your site to other sites relevant to products your blog deals in, submitting blogs to blog sites, commenting on other blogs sites, and leaving your website signature there etc. These techniques are used by every SEO blogger firm so new methods that are really more useful are needed.

An SEO services firm worth its salt will first recommend using article marketing websites which distribute high standard blogs. This means that you need quality blog content and it also demands good writing skills.

SEO bloggers should appreciate the impact of joining forums relevant to a particular niche and contributing meaningfully i.e. making constructive comments helps you learn new blogging skills and proficiencies. Generating meaningful content for blogs, articles and press releases is a key feature of most SEO services firms.

They do this by observing and achieving the information readers seek from a blog. Objectivity in the topics of discussions makes information look trustworthy and winning the trust of the readers leads to a huge reader database. Your blog site also needs to be listed in major blog and online business directories.

Keeping readers posted keeps a blog site going and growing. It also displays the popularity of a website. If your readers keep coming back for more, show that you value them by saving them some time by updating them through email. SEO services do this by including an email opt-in application at the end of each blog post.

SEO bloggers also recommend creating fan pages on Facebook where you make known the objectives and services your blog site hopes to deliver. The email opt-in form mentioned earlier can be added, and along with it goodies such as free subscriptions to newsletters can be attached.

In general, SEO techniques make it possible for our blog sites to work for us rather than vice versa as is normal in the early stages of most websites.

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Fabrizio Van Marciano is a successful international selling artist and fulltime blogger working from his home studio in North Cornwall, UK. Fabrizio love’s to share his insightful tips and advice, tutorials and reviews on all aspects of business marketing, SEO, blogging tips, WordPress, social media and making money online. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.

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